DC Comics, Vertigo & April 2018 Solicitations Spoilers: Astro City Ends After 111 Issues But It’s Not An Ending?


DC Comics, Vertigo and April 2018 Solicitations Spoilers follow.

Astro City Ends, But It’s Not An Ending?

Astro City steered by Kurt Busiek, Alex Ross and Brent Anderson was created in 1995 at Image Comics, moved to Image’s Wildstorm stable in 1996 and when DC Comics bought Wildstorm emerged in 2010 under DC’s Vertigo imprint.

Astro City has had three volumes to its ongoing adventures as well as some mini-series and specials. With Astro City #52 in April 2018 the series ends on its 111 issue. However, it’s and end, but not end.

The following has been teased by writer Kurt Busiek on social media:

      “Big News! Today’s solicitations feature Astro City #52 – the final issue of the monthly series! But have no fear – we’ll be back in the first all-new Astro City graphic novel! More details to come, from me, Brent, Alex and Vertigo Comics!”

Solicitation and cover below.


It’s the final issue of ASTRO CITY…for now. Michael Tenicek lost his world years ago. Now he may lose another, as ordinary life among the extraordinary takes a shattering turn. A character-focused finale to the ongoing Vertigo ASTRO CITY series, and a launch point for its new form. Guest-starring the Hanged Man, Honor Guard and more.

On sale APRIL 18 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T • FINAL ISSUE

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