Marvel Comics Legacy & Inhumans Judgement Day #1 Spoilers: An Inhumanity Primer & What’s Marvel Next Big Plan For The Inhumans?

Marvel Comics Legacy and Inhumans Judgement Day #1 Spoilers follow.

An Inhumanity Primer is provided by Maximus, the evil brother of Inhumans king Black Bolt.

We learn about Terrigen, the crystals that make Inhumans powerful as well as…

…their conflict with the Progenitors.

So, What’s Marvel Next Big Plan For The Inhumans? Well part of that plan is having Medusa, the Queen of the Inhumans, recognizable and all powerful again… at the expense of the Progenitors.

She also after reuniting the Inhumans with their King Black Bolt.

We also learn that…

…the Inhuman Gorgon is back!

Then Marvel teases the ongoing series and mini-series to come.

What do you think of Marvel’s Inhumans? Are they the company’s next generation of X-Men?

Still not sure about the Inhumans? Well, here is an entry on them from the classic Marvel Comics Encyclopedia on them…

…plus a classic Official Marvel Handbook bio as well.

They are interesting, but Marvel’s heavy handed editorial edict to make the Inhumans iconic and relevant has had mixed to negative results I think is fair to say. This confusing mess of a one-shot, with amazing art mind you, is a perfect illustration of that.

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