Valiant Has BIG Unity Plans? Does Valiant Have Gold Key Shared Rights? What About Unity 2000?

Valiant Has BIG Unity Plans? Does Valiant Have Gold Key Shared Rights?

Does Valiant have plans for classic 1992 Unity saga?

The Social Media Tease:

The Text:

      Wait! Why would the great @paulmounts be recoloring these classic @FrankMillerInk UNITY covers?? What could we possibly have planned!?

The Recolored Image:

Clicky for the biggie. 🙂

The Story:

“Unity is a company-wide crossover published by Valiant Comics in 1992, featuring all of their ongoing superhero titles at the time. This includes the Renegades, Magnus, Robot Fighter, Rai, Shadowman, Solar, Man of the Atom, Turok, and X-O Manowar. The crossover also introduced new books for Archer & Armstrong and Eternal Warrior. The central antagonist is Mothergod, who attempts to rewrite reality and restore her original universe. This conflict leads to Valiant heroes of both the 21st Century and the 41st Century coming together for the first time.” More here.

The Challenge:

In 1992 when Valiant launched Unity it has the publishing rights to several Gold Key comic book characters such as Magnus, Solar and Turok to name a few. Valiant, as of 2017, didn’t have those rights with Dynamite publishing some Gold Key characters in 2017 and in earlier years.

Valiant technically can’t produce a 1992 Unity Saga collection without some time of rights to use the Gold Key characters that appears in the series. They did do a collection back in the day as per the below.

However, many fans have high hopes for an omnibus of the classic Unity series.

The Unfinished Sequel:

I’d also hope for Valiant complete Unity 2000 from the company’s Acclaim days.

Unity 2000 is an event mini-series published by Acclaim Comics beginning in 1999. It was written by Jim Shooter with art by Jim Starlin. The series was planned to last for 6 issues, but only 3 were ever published, and the story remains permanently unfinished. More here.

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