Former WWE Superstar Enzo Amore Rape Accuser Text Exchange Fuels Allegation Skeptics?

Former WWE Superstar Enzo Amore Rape Accuser Text Exchange Fuels Allegation Skeptics?

Enzo Amore (real name Eric Arndt) was suspended recently over detailed rape allegations and then subsequently fired leaving the WWE Cruiserweight Championship vacant. Amore issued a statement on the rape allegation while his rape accuser spoke to TMZ.

Recently, former best friend of Enzo Amore rape accuser Philomena Sheahan released the following video on youtube where he contradicts her allegation indicating that the sex with Amore was consensual. He provides his alleged proof of this with a text exchange that Sheahan confirmed was accurate, but to be taken with a “grain of salt”.

The video had the following accompanying description:

      as philomena “miss gucci witch” was my best friend of almost 2 years, and as someone who has heard her first account of what happened, this is my statement. i support and stand with all those accused.

In the video Sam Cook shares a text change with Enzo Amore rape accuser Philomena Sheahan as per the below.

      Sheahan: “I’m going to f–king rehab today. Or to get a ketamine infusion. RACHEL”
      Recipient: “WHAT WHY”
      Sheahan: “I MET TOO POOR and did coke with her Tyler and f–k their friend.”
      Recipient: “pics or it didn’t happen.”
      Sheahan: “F–ked.”
      Recipient: “Don’t lie you dumbass b—h u would be posting it on ur story”
      Sheahan: “My roommates would see b—h. No I wouldn’t.”
      Recipient: “shere’s the selfie with her?”
      Sheahan: “Didn’t get one.”
      Recipient: “Omg”
      Sheahan: “Believe it or not b—h it happened & I’m laying in bed next to a famous wrestler.”
      Recipient: “Pic”
      Sheahan: “It’s dark in here.”

In response, alleged rape victim Philomena Sheahan responded and deleted the following rebuttal via twitter.

      “About the texts that @imsamcook is using to ‘expose’ me. The morning of the incident I woke up not knowing where I was. That was 3-5 hours after I did the drugs/was drugged. I vaguely remember sending those messages and they were taken completely out of context. When I fully woke up, I called Sam bawling my eyes out telling him the whole story. It’s so hard for me to comprehend that someone that I’ve known & called my best friend for 3 years, who stood by me and supported me through my PTSD from the trauma and is now betraying me. I have no hatred towards him as he is going through a mental breakdown and is off his medication as I will show in the video posted above. I hope he gets the help he needs & I am truly disheartened.”

In my view, all alleged rape victims and alleged sexual assault victims should be heard. In this case, the police will sort out fact from fiction and determine if the evidence supports this young woman’s rape allegation.

This young woman is clearly troubled, but that doesn’t mean her allegations are untrue. The police should do their work and share their findings when their investigation is completed.

I also accept that in these kind of cases the burden of proof is high and that victims often feel unheard by police and the court system. I don’t have a solution to that problem and just hope that the police provide the due diligence they must in this case.


Source: Wrestling Inc