Marvel Comics Legacy & Marvel Two-In-One #2 Spoilers: Fantastic Four Plan Of Ben Grimm & Johnny Storm Revealed!

Marvel Comics Legacy and Marvel Two-In-One #2 Spoilers follow.

Fantastic Four Plan Of Ben Grimm Of Johnny Storm Revealed!

We open with a catch-up summary page so readers understand that Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch and Ben Grimm aka The Thing remain behind while Reed Richards aka Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman aka Sue Storm of the Fantastic Four remain MIA.

We get several flashback scenes to a school setting for Victor Von Doom aka Doctor Doom or the Infamous Iron Man as well as Reed Richards and Ben Grimm. Reed had a sense of humor it seems; a retcon perhaps? 😉

However, it seems Ben knows where there is something that can help them find the rest of the Fantastic Four.

Do longstanding Marvel fans have an idea what that device is? It appears to be key to finding the MIA members of the FF family.


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