Top 5 DC Comics Universe, Dark Nights Metal & Justice League No Justice Spoilers: Dan DiDio Drops Big Teasers!

Top 5 DC Comics Universe, Dark Nights Metal and Justice League No Justice Spoilers follow.

DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio Drops 5 Big Clues and Teasers About The Future On Social Media!

That includes more on Justice League: No Justice (eight [8] piece of teams line-up art HERE and three [3] full interior pages HERE)!

Now onto that DiDio gold?!

(5) Why the villains are teaming with the heroes in Justice League: No Justice.

DiDio: I think you should ask, what threat or threats would force the heroes, and villains, to group in this fashion… [Regarding the villains on these teams] It’s either they regret their past, or their skills might be needed.

(4) Will the new Justice League series coming out of No Justice be relaunches?

DiDio: [sic] some books and events are worthy of a number one

(3) Accessibility.

DiDio: Everything can be read on their own, makes it easier to pick and stay with what you like most.

(2) Hawkman plans in the hopper post Dark Nights Metal.

DiDio: I was just on the phone talking Hawkman this morning. Funny how those things work out.

…he’s been about reincarnation for quite a while.

(1) How do you reconcile that Hawkman died in Death of Hawkman yet Carter Hall has been alive in the Dark Multiverse searching for Nth Metal?

DiDio: …there is something coming to pull it all together. Just sayin’

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