WWE Raw 1/29/18 – Balor vs. Cena

Ronda Rousey’s debut last night is recapped and Coach comes down to join the commentary team. Reigns vs. Miz is announced and the show has a new, slick graphics package. Steph comes out to brag about all the history made last night and Asuka cuts a promo on winning the title at WM. Sasha comes out and we’ll get them facing off later. Kane vs. Braun in a last man standing match ends with Braun jumping Kane and dumping the announce table area on him. Elias sings and face Woken Matt, whose side effect gets 2 before Bray’s cutaway hits. Drift Away ends it and Elias goes to the Chamber.

Roman vs. Miz is up and Roman nearly gets DQed for threatening to use a chair. Miz eats a billion lariats in the corner and sets up a spear, but Miz chopblocks him and locks on the figure four. Miz hits the finale and gets 2.5! The goons come in and Miz cradles him to win for another distraction finish. The Revival squashes Rhyno and Slater and wins it with the shatter machine. Dudleys HOF video airs. Asuka and Sasha have an incredibly dangerous match. It’s pretty okay until a plancha to the floor goes haywire. Asuka kicks her midway through, which is fine, but Sasha jumped short and landed on her head on the floor. Sasha escapes the armbar, but can’t escape the Asuka lock which ends it.

Balor vs. Cena is hyped up with back and forth promos from them. Titus and Apollo face The Bar for the tag titles next. Well, this is nice and logical – they beat the team on Raw before they had the titles, so they do deserve a shot. Solid back and forth affair with Titus in there way too much, but it ends with the double white noise on Apollo. Balor vs. Cena is up and should feel like a bigger deal. Cema dominates him and due to his size, Balor is effectively the face even though he’s more heelish now. Cena turns a slingblade into an AA for 2!  They fight up top and the super AA gets the win.

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