DC Comics Universe Delivers: Vigilante Southland TPB Completes Cancelled Mini-Series! No Spoilers!

DC Comics Universe Delivers. No Spoilers follow.

Vigilante Southland TPB Completes Cancelled Mini-Series!

It’s out this week.

As we’ve reported:

      Vigilante Southland Finally Completed In Collected Edition.

      Vigilante Southland was intended to be six (6) issue mini-series, but was cancelled after three (3) issues. The collected edition includes issues #4 through #6 which never saw print as a comic book.

      Solicitation and not final cover follows.

      Written by GARY PHILLIPS
      Cover by MITCH GERADS

      Donny was feeling pretty settled in his cushy life. Even though his girlfriend was politically active, he never gave social justice or racial issues any time. So, when Dorrie discovers something she shouldn’t have and ends up dead, no one expects Donny to be the guy to carry on her work—but that’s exactly what he does, putting on a mask and taking to the streets. He soon finds himself tangled in family history, political conspiracy, and a plot that goes far deeper than he ever imagined.
      Written by Gary Phillips, noted writer of the Ivan Monk series of novels, and drawn by Elena Casagrande (Suicide Risk), this hard-hitting tale of revenge and redemption takes the Vigilante into a whole new danger zone. This paperback collects the six-issue miniseries, including issues #4-6, which have never been published in print before.

      On sale JANUARY 31 • 144 pg, FC, $16.99 US

      ISBN: 978-1-4012-6873-2

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