DC Comics Universe & Justice League No Justice Spoilers: DC Rebirth Era Cancellations Grow To Eight! Scott Snyder Confirms Axing Of Titans, Teen Titans, JLA & Justice League!

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DC Comics Universe and Justice League No Justice Spoilers follow.

Writer Scott Snyder Teases That Justice League, Justice League Of America (JLA), Teen Titans And Titans Cancelled For New JL Series? DC Rebirth Era Cancellations Grow To Eight (8) Over Almost Two (2) Years!

This follows some other interesting tidbits on Justice League: No Justice and the status quo after the mini-series:

    • Eight [8] pieces of teams line-up art HERE;
    • Three [3] full interior pages HERE; and
    • DC Co-Publisher Dan DiDio Top 5 clues and teases HERE.

So, what did Scott Snyder have to say? Have a read below.

Social Media tease:


      NO JUSTICE is a mini every week of May, rolling in JL, JLA, TT, T and spinning out some new books, some new versions of existing books. Rosters in NO JUSTICE are part of the mystery of that story. No spoilers about teams spinning out after!

When No Justice was announced, the teams were a mix of Justice League, JLA, Teen Titans and villains. The Titans and Green Lantern Corps were MIA.

Well, it looks like the Titans will be part of No Justice and will have its members dispersed or together on a new JL related series coming out of No Justice.

It is also interesting to note that Trinity ends in April 2018. That seems like a book cancelled to make way for the new Justice League and related status quo post No Justice. That cancellation, with the cancellation of these four series above (Titans, Teen Titans, JLA and Justice League) brings the DC Rebirth era cancellations to eight (8). Those other cancellations were Cyborg and Superwoman in January 2018 and Blue Beetle In February 2018.

No word yet on how many new ongoing series grow out of No Justice. All we know is that Scott Snyder will be the writer on the core Justice League series after No Justice.

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