DC Comics Universe & Deathstroke Annual #1 Spoilers: Justice Society Of America (JSA) & Earth 2 Society Schism Or Retcon Re: Power Girl? UPDATED

DC Comics Universe and Deathstroke Annual #1 Spoilers follow.


Justice Society Of America (JSA) Earth 2 Society Schism Or Retcon Re: Power Girl?

One of the characters in Deathstroke’s teen team Defiance is the next generation Power Girl.

She took over the mantle for the original Power Girl who was Earth 2’s Supergirl. That Kara Zor-L returned to Earth 2 and was prominent in the Earth 2 Society series until it ended.

Well it looks like the original Power Girl is back, stuck between multiverse worlds.


The newer Power Girl appears to die in this issue…

…by her own hand?!

However, all is not as it seems since…

…by the end of Deathstroke Annual #1, both Power Girl’s are stuck between worlds.


However, this was Power Girl’s look at the end of Earth 2 Society #22 series (full spoilers here).

Her boob window was replaced by the big Superman / Supergirl “S”.

Will DC Comics also try to reintegrate the classic Huntress, Helena Wayne the daughter of Earth 2’s Batman? She assumed the Batman mantle at the end of Earth 2 Society.

It should be noted that there is a Huntress active in the DC Rebirth era; she is Helena Bertinelli and a lead in the Birds of Prey series while another Supergirl exists too headlining her own series.

Finally, here is a fave page of mine from the last issue of Earth 2 Society that featured an African American Superman Lar-Zod as a lead.

The Lar-Zod on the DC Rebirth is a very different character part of a very different House of Zod.

Looks like Earth 2 Society either didn’t happen or featured a “different” Power Girl as Supergirl and Huntress as the new Batman?

Time will tell.

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