DC Comics Universe, DC’s New Age Of Heroes & The Silencer #1 Spoilers: What Are The Silencer’s Powers & Why Does Batman’s Talia Al Ghul Need Her?

DC Comics Universe, DC’s New Age Of Heroes and The Silencer #1 Spoilers follow.

What Are The Silencer’s Powers and Why Does Batman’s Talia Al Ghul Need Her?

Honor Guest has gotten out of her life as The Silencer and is an ordinary suburban housewife until she is attacked while leaving the supermarket with her son Ben. Looks like Honor’s power being able to put a sphere of silence around herself and an opponent that may also negate technology to an extent; I imagine that is why Honor was pleased he son picked colored pencils at the store as she was sable to use them as weapons. She battles Killbox in silence while her son plays in the car not knowing his mom is in a pitched battle.

Honor tries to find out why she’s been targeted and being pulled back into her old life; she’s pulls down the silence and Killbox advises that it’s because she’s on the wrong side of a larger battle underway. Then the silence is back and an assassination ensues.

Honor puts her shopping cart away, as we all do after shopping, but her technique is a bit different. She takes Ben home.

Later that evening, Talia Al Ghul, Batman’s old lover and mother to current Robin Damian Wayne, visits Honor at her home. Honor’s husband Blake lets her in.

Ben is looking for his colored pencils not knowing they are impaled in dead villain Killbox. Honor sends Blake and Ben to check the car for the pencils while she and Talia connect.

Honor doesn’t want to get pulled into criminal organization Leviathan’s civil war, but Talia tells her its unavoidable as the other side doesn’t respect Talia’s deal with Honor to let her go and live a normal life. She has a mystery metal object for Honor, probably how this series ties into Dark Nights Metal, and suggests she get that haircut; to make pitched battles easier with less things for an opponent to grab.

Talia stays for dinner and after dinner, Honor decides to give her a lift.

The car is attacked…

Two villains attack Talia who…

…is spared by the Silencer who is back in the saddle.

A compelling start.

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