Marvel Comics Legacy & Jean Grey #11 Spoilers: A Phoenix Resurrection Epilogue On The Road To X-Men Red!

Marvel Comics Legacy and Jean Grey #11 Spoilers follow.

A Phoenix Resurrection Epilogue On The Road To X-Men Red!

The book opens with the usual catch-up summary and creators credits page.

This time-displaced original teen X-Men founder Jean Grey seemingly died last issue and the opening pages of this issue she’s fighting demons figurative and literal, but she knows something is amiss and wants to know where she is. She is the white hot place…

…quoth the Phoenix. It is a place that connects all hosts of the Phoenix. It appears to transcend space and time.

The Phoenix also tells her she is not its Jean Grey and therefore not a worthy host. She has fought it the entire time; she doesn’t want to embrace therefore she is flawed.

Despite the Phoenix pomposity, young Jean Grey has the power and control over where they are.

Jean tells the Phoenix to leave her alone and admit its been defeated.

The Phoenix returns young Jean Grey to the land of the living…

…to be confronted by a returned adult Jean Grey. For more on that check out the finale to Phoenix Resurrection in Phoenix Resurrection The Return Of (Adult) Jean Grey #5 (full spoilers here) that was also out this week.

Up next is next week’s new ongoing series with the adult Jean Grey as its lead: X-Men Red!

Plus young Jean Grey’s adventures on her own team: X-Men Blue.

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