WWE Raw 2/5/18 – Elias vs. Cena vs. Braun

The show begins with Bray talking about winning the WWE Title in the Chamber last year. He says he’ll face Roman tonight and get back in the Chamber this year. Bray and Roman have a shockingly great match. It’s easy to forget with Bray’s streak of many terrible PPV matches that he can go, and they worked great here. The pace was brisk, and the Superman punch into a uranage and then a senton got a dramatic 2 count. Sister Abigail setup leads to a schoolboy for 2 and then a Superman punch gets 2. Bray htis Sister Abigail and it gets 2.9! Roman avoids a second one and hits a spear to win it.  Matt comes down and hits the Twist of Fate. Well, tonight was both the best and worst night for Bray so far this year.

Jason Jordan is backstage and is clearly losing muscle mass in his arms. Seth brings up his neck being hurt and this is their last chance to face The Bar. Seth cuts a great promo about how much it means to hold the titles. Balor Club comes down and the Revival wants a tag match. Luke is on the floor for this and we get a pretty solid match that the crowd is dead for. The commentators point out how the Revival was beaten on Raw two weeks ago and then beaten up by DX too. Don’t try too hard to get them over, Jesus. Balor hits his finishing sequence on Dawson and the footstomp ends it. Sasha watches herself lose to Asuka on a tablet for some reason. Bayley tells her she’s being too hard on herself.

Drake Maverick is out on commentary for a tag match with Nese and Drew against Ali and Cedric. Drake talks about delivering the best action. Cue Nese doing a long bodyscissors. Drew gets an awesome rope-assisted lariat and Cedric hits a big flip dive. Drew lariats Ali and does a flip sell. Cedric lands his comeback sequence and wins with a lumbar check. Kurt announces the Women’s chamber participants and Alexa is pissed about it.  Her title is on the line in the chamber, while Brock’s title isn’t. Kurt says it’s due to her not defending it since October. Cena talks about his three way match tonight via selfie cam.

WWE celebrates black history month. Asuka comes out to face Bayley. Corey predicts doom and if Nia beats Asuka at the Chamber show, she’ll be added to the WM match. Bayley comes out and she’s still quite over. Bayley takes her down and grinds away on the arm. Asuka hits a strike combo and a snap takedown. Bayley recovers and sends her outside and lands a baseball slide rana. Asuka goes for the hip attack, but Bayley hits a German suplex out of it for 2! Asuka lands a hiptoss GTS and kicks her before landing a hip attack. Asuka goes up top, but misses a missile dropkick!

Bayley goes for a rope assisted neckbreaker, but it’s turned into an Asuka Lock, which Bayley then turns into a rope assisted stunner. They go to the floor again and Bayley jumps right into a knee strike to the head. Bayley goes for the belly to Bayley, but Asuka tries to get the Lock on – but Bayley cradles her for 2.9! Asuka gets the cross armbar and Bayley taps out. This was the best women’s match in the company in quite some time and easily Bayley’s best match on the main roster to date. Bayley and Asuka shake hands afterwards.

Miz talks about going to Mania and how he’ll have a baby right before WM, who can see him become the first-ever IC and Universal Champion. Apollo Crews comes down and Dana as the smart one is never not funny. Crews gets a few chances to shine here and even gets a nearfall by countering the Finale, but a missed corner dive leads to the Finale and the win. Seth, Angle, and Jordan are backstage and Seth finds out that Jordan isn’t cleared. Seth says the match is next and Kurt, the GM, apparently can’t change the match order or anything. Roman stands next to him and oh yeah, mini-Shield reunion and Roman even gets a pop!

Cesaro and Seth go at it with some fast uppercuts and then a Bar double team in the corner. Seth tags Roman in and they get 2 off a double tackle. The Shield mocks the Bar’s pose and hits a double superkick to the gut for 2. Seth dives onto Sheamus, but eats an Irish Curse. He tosses Roman into the barricade and chinlocks him for a while. Cesaro works with Roman a bit and eats the corner lariats. Roman lands a pair of Superman punches before Jordan walks down. He picks Seth up so he can come in and he runs wild. He hits the slingshot Jerry Lynn legdrop on the second rope. Seth lands a slingblade for 2. Cesaro avoids the Blackout, but eats a modified slingshot suplex into a falcon arrow.

Kneeling superkick hits for 2. Roman tells Jordan to leave because he isn’t needed out there. Seth lands the ripcord knee and superkicks Sheamus before setting up the Shield bomb, but Cesaro makes the save. The Bar goes to leave, but intimidates Jordan, who slugs both of them. This was outstanding – Jordan did have to defend himself logically, but in doing so, he cost Seth and himself their last shot at the titles. Braun cuts a selfie promo about Cena and Elias Getting These Hands. Seth calls Jordan selfish and Angle says that Jordan is sorry, so Seth says he’s only sorry about not taking Jordan out himself. Angle tells Jordan to go home and stay home until he’s cleared.

Nia gets a hype video showing her off as a world-beater before she beats up a jobber and wins with the legdrop. This was perfect – she’s facing the most dominant physical threat on the show, so they show that she’s her physical equal in theory. Elias is shown KOing Cena with his guitar before Sonya comes down with Paige and Mandy. Sonya has lost the MMA gloves and just uses Angle-like grips now. Sonya beats up Mickie for a good long while and uses a good amount of strikes, but gets cradles and loses. Absolution’s active members beat up Mickie, but Alexa saves her. Solid stuff – it’s basic episodic storytelling that they rarely do.

Bray, Balor, Matt, and Apollo will have a 4-way next week and the winner gets a second chance shot to be in the Chamber. Elias sings and gets interrupted by Cena and his bright green shirt. Braun is out and bullies Elias. Cena gets ragdolled, so he teams up with Elias to send Braun into the steps. Cena bonks Braun with the steps before Elias hits him with the guitar. Braun eats an AA ON THE STEPS. Elias jumps Cena and gets 2. Elias chinlocks him, but Cena comes back and lands a protobomb, but Cena eats a Braun powerslam and then Elias knocks him to the floor and Elias pins Cena. Braun powerslams Elias and lands more powerslams to each guy before doing a spinning version to Elias and leaving to cheers. This was a damn good show.

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