Impact Wrestling 2/8/18 Results – Johnny vs. Moose vs. Alberto vs. EC3

Austin Aries’s return from last week is shown and we see him win the title. EC3 knocks a drink out of a guy’s hand backstage before we find out that EC3, Moose, Alberto, and Johnny Impact will be in a 4 way for a title shot tonight. Ishimori and Sydal team up to face El Hijo Del Fantasma and Raju. Sonjay is on commentary replacing JB tonight. Fantasma flip out of a rana attempt by Ishimori and Sydal gets a deep crab on Raju. Fantasma locks on a Romero special with a dragon sleeper. Fantasma goes for a Thrill of the Hunt, but Ishimori counters it and gets a golden moonsault. Tombstone codebreaker leads to the SSP on Raju to end it.

Aries does a press conference and says he’s willing to defend anytime. He says he hasn’t signed a contract with Impact and now he’s collected one more title. Eli comes in and they argue – showing the presser being done with an Impact banner on the side of a production truck. Roode faces Aries in the GWN plug match, and it’s the match where Aries beat Roode to win the World title. This is smart – it puts their guy over a current WWE guy from past footage. The Cult of Lee comes down with LAX’s bandana’s on. They’re going to face Monroe and Reeves. They win quickly off a spike piledriver before Konnan cuts a promo on them. Allie praises Kiera Hogan for beating LVN last week. Allie gets a giant novelty Valentine’s day card for Impact next week.

Josh talks about how Kiera became a trending topic after beating LVN. Hogan gets a pair of armdrags and Josh talks about how she was trained by Mr. Hughes. LVN throws her throat into the rope and hits the Unprettier to win it. We get some OVE stalker cam footage of them going after someone. EC3 talks about winning tonight before AMW vs. XXX is shown for a Pluto clip. Jimmy Jacobs tells Joseph Park to bring Abyss out again. Back to the stalker cam and we see them jump Lashley and throw him in a trunk. Hania the Huntress debuts against Amber Nova. They have a really sloppy match until Amber hits a rana variant in the corner. Hania wins with a reverse DDT. Rosemary attacks her, but Hania avoids the Red Wedding.

EC3 is out, followed by Moose, then Alberto, and finally Johnny Impact. We get a walk and brawl on the floor before Moose eats some double team offense from EC3 and Alberto. Johnny kicks Alberto away and goes at him in the corner. Johnny hits a dropsault to EC3 and superkicks Moose. We get another long walk and brawl segment in the crowd. Alberto tosses Johnny in a trash can before he hops out of the can and hits Alberto before bonking Alberto and EC3 with a trash can. Johnny and Moose hit stereo powerbombs on Alberto and EC3 before they double-down off a lariat. Johnny hits a moonlight drive on EC3 for 2. EC3 is put in the armbar, but Moose sentons him before eating a baseball slide. Johnny avoids a One Percenter and gets an O’Connor roll into a bridge to win it.

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