WWE Raw 2/12/18 Recap – Fatal 5 Way Main Event

The show starts off with Cena talking about how if he wants to go to WrestleMania, he must go through the Elimination Chamber and then try to face the most unbeatable champion in WWE history. He loves making the impossible possible, and then Miz interrupts to say that he will win the Chamber and then beat him at WrestleMania. Cena says that Miz has a chance – if Brock is frozen or he gets food poisoning. They go back and forth until Kurt comes out and says Miz faces Cena, and the loser enters the chamber first and he eliminates the goons. Miz jumps him for a pair of 2 counts. Miz avoids the AA and hits the snap DDT for 2. Miz eats the STF, but hits the Finale for 2. Miz puts him up for a super Finale, but it’s turned into a Super AA and that’s it.

Woken Matt talks about the second chance match and how he’s consulted with the seven dieties to ensure a victory and he will turn the elimination chamber into the deletion chamber. The Club cuts a promo on the Revival, and we get another match between the teams. Dash gets 2 off an O’Connor roll. Shatter machine ends it. Kurt recaps what happened with Jordan and says that Jordan will be off of Mania due to his neck issues. Seth comes down and asks Kurt to make the 4 way match a fatal 5 way to put him in the mix. Bray cuts a promo on Matt.

We get a recap of the Bayley-Sasha Twitter war before their match. Sasha mocks Bayley and keeps attacking the shoulder of Bayley. Side suplex hits for Bayley and hits a rope-assisted stunner for 2. Bank Statement is on, but Bayley makes it to to the rope. A super belly to Bayley gets the win! They go to hug before Nia destroys them both. Seth and Roman chat about possibly facing off in the chamber before the Bar insults them for a bit. An Asuka video hypes up over 860 days of victories spread over 240 matches. Now THIS is how you get a talent over – and not just a female talent, but any talent.

Titus kicks out the interview girl so he can interview Apollo. Dana crunches her numbers and says Crews Can’t Lose. Mickie talks to Alexa about how she’s just being manipulative¬† Alexa says that if Absolution wins the title, they’ll just play keep away with the title. Absolution comes down to face them. Mickie dropkicks Mandy for 2. Mickie goes after Sonya, but eats a ton of corner blows before Mandy comes in. Sonya pulls Alexa off the apron and Mandy takes Mickie out with an Angel’s Wings. Elias sings for a bit before Braun brings out A GIANT CELLO and breaks it. Braun then sings about destroying Elias. Braun comes down and kicks his ass before breaking the cello on his back.

Sheamus faces Roman in a battle of former WWE Champions that really should seem like a bigger deal than it does. They have a fun big spot match that is exactly what it should have been until Sheamus goes up for the super shoulderblock and eats a spear to end it. Ivory’s HOF video airs. It’s amazing seeing video of Xavier Woods in his NXT getup talking about Ivory. Tons of intros set up the main event. Bray hits a reverse GTR to Matt on the apron. Seth hits a double blockbuster to Crews and Bray. Seth hits Crews with a New Japan elbow combo before Bray hits Sister Abigail on Matt on the floor. Tower of doom hits and Balor and Seth both get a pin. This is unresolved, and a nice little hook for next week.

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