DC Comics Universe & Detective Comics #974 Spoilers: An Unexpected Villain Is Causing The Batman Family Civil War! TIME IS BROKEN?!

DC Comics Universe and Detective Comics #974 Spoilers for Batman follows.

An Unexpected Villain Is Causing The Batman Family Civil War!

Cassandra Cain, Orphan, mourns Basil Karlo, Clayface…

…he sure seems dead having had his clay dispersed…

…by Kathy Kane, Batwoman, who wanted to save the city from his rampage. Batman is upset, as is the rest of the team, as Clayface was on Team Batman Family and was making progress.

Tim Drake, Robin, tells her there is always another way instead of killing.

Cassandra Cain rips the red Bat emblem from Batwoman noting…

…that symbol means that they do not kill. So the Batman symbol means do not kill and the Superman symbol means hope.

Luke Fox, Batwing, and Jean Paul Valley, Azrael, tell Batman that he shouldn’t kick her off the team as she tried to save lives. Batman welcomes them to leave with her if they like.

At Arkham Asylum, one of Basil Karlo’s last wishes was to heal the Victims Syndicate’s Mudface since he created her. She is healed.

At the Robin’s Nest, Stephanie Brown, Spoiler, leaves Tim Drake as he is on a dark path to a future where he clashes with Batwoman. TIME IS BROKEN, remember?

We also see Batwoman walking towards her dark future side-by-side with her dad.

Finally OMAC is revealed is a big reason why this Batman Family civil war is happening as…

…he and Ulysses Armstrong want that dark future to come into being!

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