DC Comics Universe, Dark Nights Metal & Dark Knights Rising: The Wild Hunt #1 Spoilers & Review: Who’s Who, DC One Million, Multiversity, Wildstorm & More

DC Comics Universe, Dark Nights Metal and Dark Knights Rising: The Wild Hunt #1 Spoilers and Review follow.

Who’s Who.

Before we start, let’s get you familiar with a few concepts from Multiversity.

The Ultima Thule is a spaceship effectively made of musical vibrations…

…a musical engine to travel between the known 52 universes.

The Justice League Incarnate are heroes from across the multiverse that reside…

…in the House of Heroes.

Lastly, the Carrier is the spaceship of Stormwatch of Wildstorm that is used to travel the Bleed which connects the known the universes.

Ok, good?

Let’s get into it!

Dark Knights Rising: The Wild Hunt #1.

Barbatos and the Dark Knights of the dark multiverse seem triumphant.

Back on Earth, Doctor Morrow, Detective Chimp and others try to revive Red Tornado and the Metal Men.

These minds believe that the Challengers of the Unknown used Red Torndao’s harmonics to travel to the House of Heroes after escaping the dark multiverse.

They’re on Blackhawk Island and need to warn the House of Heroes that the Dark Knights are coming for them.

They connect with the Flash, who is with Raven and Cyborg, and he sends an SOS to the Hall of Heroes, but there is no response back.

Our heroes get to the Ultima Thule thinking it is the best way to reach the Hall of Heroes, but…

…they are attacked in the Bleed by the Dark Knights who have commandeered the Carrier or this is a dark universe of the Carrier; nonetheless its Carrier of Stormwatch.

The Dark Knights fight among themselves signalling that one or more of them will side with the heroes against Barbatos in Dark Nights Metal #6 finale one month from now.

The heroes believe nurturing a baby positive universe into being may help turn the tide…

…as the Ultima Thule is boarded by the Dark Knights. The Red Terror comes in contact with the Flash…

…which makes him an alternate Barry Allen again not an evil Bruce Wayne; he wants to team with Flash against the Dark Knights.

The Carrier is powered by dark multiverse energy and is scarring the positive multiverse.

Flash can help turn the tides and the Red Terror will sacrifice himself to enable that.

However, the Batman Who Laughs has been on to the Red Terror and the likelihood of his turn.

Barbatos has picked baby universes as the warheads of the dark multiverse to do damage against the Ultima Thule and…

…destroy the Red Terror!

At the same time the Red Tornado has been revived and tells them all they’ve been played by Barbatos; it’s all a trap!

Back on the Ultima Thule our heroes realize they’ve been played and that the damaged Ultima Thule is what…

…the Dark Knights needed all along too…

…to destroy the House of Heroes!

Not only have the Dark Knights come to realize there is a 53rd universe, not just 52 and…

…it seems its the Gorilla Galaxy from DC One Million! The Primate Legion is here and…

…Bobo the Detective Chimp is the key to defeat Barbatos?

Who’s Who II.

In 1999’s DC One Million 80 Page Giant, we learned of the Gorilla Galaxy and its Superman who was Titano.

We also met Sea Ape, the Aquaman analogue, and Detective Chimp, the Batman analogue, who were part of the Primate Legion.


Dark Knights Rising: The Wild Hunt #1 was an Easter Egg filled story that conveyed the huge scope and canvas, or musical sheet, of the creators behind Dark Nights Metal. It was entertaining on one hand (likely the Scott Snyder and who’s who of DC writers co-written pieces) and confusing on the other (likely the Grant Morrison co-written pieces). Decent art for the story by a who’s who of DC artists.. 6 out of 10.

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