DC Comics Universe & Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps #38 Spoilers: The House Of Zod Vs. GLC As Kyle Rayner Gets A New Costume?!

DC Comics Universe and Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps #38 Spoilers follows.

The House Of Zod Vs. GLC As Kyle Rayner Gets A New Costume?!

The book opens with the House of Zod – General Zod, wife Ursa and son Lor-Zod – capturing Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner. Kyle is a lot more severely injured than Hal.

Zod also has removed their Green Lantern rings which the Eradicator is studying.

Hal lets Kyle rest and without a ring confronts the House of Zod. Ursa has no time for Green Lanterns since Krypton’s Green Lantern Tomar-Re failed to prevent Krypton from being destroyed. Zod asks why Hal and Kyle trespassed on his world. Hal believes the world’s people have been enslaved.

Hall has had enough. He recites the oath and his Green Lantern ring is freed taking a trip through the Eradicator’s head.

Kyle and Hal discover the world’s people aren’t slaves; the actually worship General Zod.

Kyle is really banged up; Hal gives him his ring. The ring is to keep Kyle together and take him back to GLC HQ. Hal in turn surrenders to the world’s people to be taken before Zod.

Zod tells the Eradicator to prepare for the arrival of the GLC.

Back at HQ, the sensors indicate that Hal Jordan is returning, but…

…it is Kyle Rayner wearing Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern ring plus a new costume to boot!

Based on the variant cover for Hal Jordan and the Green Lanterns Corps #39, Kyle Rayne will have to give Hal Jordan’s ring back.

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