Marvel Comics Legacy & Marvel Two-In-One #3 Spoilers: Where’s Wolverine Part 5?

Marvel Comics Legacy and Marvel Two-In-One #3 Spoilers for Where’s Wolverine Part 5 follows.

The classic Wolverine is back and he has an Infinity stone / gem with him. Marvel will have pop in the back of a few titles over the next months as noted in the Where’s Wolverine checklist.

The cover of the book in question will have the Where’s Wolverine icon logo on it.

Wolverine’s journey so far:

This all on the road to the new Hunt For Wolverine series (spoilers here).

Anyhow, Part 5 of Where’s Wolverine was in Marvel Two-In-One #3.

Here is the one page on…

…Where’s Wolverine Part 5.

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