DC Comics Universe, DC’s New Age Of Heroes & Sideways #1 Spoilers: Dark Nights Metal Connection Explained, Crisis On Infinite Earths & More!

DC Comics Universe, DC’s New Age Of Heroes and Sideways #1 Spoilers follow.

Connection To Dark Nights Metal Explained, Crisis On Infinite Earths and More!

The book opens with us meeting Derek James. Adopted teenager on his way to high school.

He daydreams at school about what happened to him Gotham City when the sky opened up and when…

…Challengers Mountain sprung up in the middle of the city!

Derek fell into a crevice and seems to have gained powers for, possibly, the dark multiverse energies.

In modern day he’s practiced his new rift powers where he can pop anywhere into the world. He now thinks its ready to debut a new costume for a…

…video blog of his powers in use!

He rifts sideways into a river and is confronted by a voice that tells him to accept the Crisis (of Infinite Earths) Ultimatum protocols presumably to avoid ripping apart space-time.

He pops into a dense city, presumably New York, and is…

…confronted by Tempus Fuginaut!

…also appears that Derek’s real name is Brane?

More concept art and bios for Sideways characters here.

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