Marvel Comics Legacy & Amazing Spider-Man Annual #42 Spoilers: Spider Sense Retcon Plus A Political Mystery & Thriller That May Or May Not Satisfy?!

Marvel Comics Legacy and Amazing Spider-Man Annual #42 Spoilers follow.

We open with a catch-up summary page of what’s recently happened in Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man’s, life. He’s back to be being the hard-luck relatable hero.

The book opens with Betty Brant at a fortune teller with her friend the skeptic Peter Parker. They get kicked out of the teller’s place and in mid-conversation Peter Parker needs to become the Amazing Spider-Man.

At the Daily Bugle Betty Brant and Peter Parker fight over the news story about why a nothing battle of the past was commemorated as a statue about the Battle of Blood Creek.

Betty and Peter partner up on the story and head to the University. In the entry way to a building, a security guard berates Peter for running his company into the ground since he invested his pension in it. So not just Peter is in dire straits due to his actions, so are others.

Betty speaks to faculty who knew her late husband Ned Leeds. He may have something on Blood Creek, but before he can show her, the enforcers arrive. They appear to be stable clones that didn’t disintegrate at the end of the last major clone related storyline of recent years.

At the same time, Wilson Fisk, the Mayor of New York and aka Kingpin of Crime, arrives at the University has he bugged the drawers that had Blood Creek info. He shoos away Spider-Man after he saved Betty Brant from the Enforcers.

Betty Brant meets with a contractor who knows about the Blood Creek statue. Turns out its made of precious metal and was expensive; the builder took a bath in the costs.

The Enforcers find Betty Brant again.

She wakes up with others underground. Ernesto Karnelli greets them; he is the leader of the shadow arm of the Maggia, the Undermob.

Turns out the status to Blood Creek is actually a statue of him. His vanity got the better of him and needs to stay in the shadows. So the statue and his prisoners need to go out with a bang.

Spider-Man saves the day, the bad guys are captured and Betty Brant gets her story.

The statue came down replaced by a commemorative plaque to Ned Leeds who either may be alive or a stable clone.

We then get teases of the next two issues of Amazing Spider-Man with Anti-Venom and the seeming rekindling of the romantic relationship between Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson.

The book’s back-up story sheds more light on, or is really a retcon of, how Spider-Man spider-sense works. Its very sensitive now warning him of gingivitis…

…to rain and pigeons…

…essentially to avoid the unexpected…

…including dog poop, but…

…not birthday parties.

The book ends with a humorous look at memory lane of the various Spider-Man costumes during writer Dan Slotts run plus…

…some silly ones.

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