Marvel Comics Legacy & May 2018 Solicitations Spoilers: X-Men Red Annual #1 Bridges Phoenix Resurrection & New X-Men Red Series

Marvel Comics Legacy and May 2018 Solicitations Spoilers follow.

X-Men Red Annual #1 Bridges Phoenix Resurrection and New X-Men Red Series.

X-Men Red writer Tom Taylor announced the X-men Red Annual #1 via an interview over at Newsarama:

      I’m happy to announce here that we’re doing an important oversized annual for May. It’s a story set immediately after Phoenix Resurrection and before X-Men Red. It covers the moments I think a lot of fans (including myself) wanted to see. Jean reuniting with friends and people she loves, as well as meeting others who will be important in her life for the first time.

      As for the rest of Red, I have an initial year-long plan for this book and it’s a pretty intense story. We need to deal with that before we can move to what’s next. Though, I do know some of the stories I’d like to tell with whichever characters are left standing at the end of our first epic.

No solicitation, but we do have a cover.


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