WWE Raw 2/19/18 Recap – Seth Runs the Gauntlet

The show begins with a tribute to the Parkland school shooting. Roman comes out to a chorus boos even after that. Wow. Roman is out for a gauntlet match, but first, he talks with Charly about being in his first chamber match. Roman faces Seth to start the match off. They have a solid babyface battle with no strikes being thrown until later. Seth hits the blockbuster and a slingblade before hitting a springboard lariat. Seth dives right into a superman punch for 2 and Seth pins Reigns off a cradle. Cena is out and they have every match they’ve ever had, but slower.

Seth hits a stiff kneeling superkick for 2.5. Seth adds a crossface to his arsenal, but Cena powers out and goes for the AA, but Seth lands his feet and kicks his head. A high fly flow hits for 2, and the AA gets 2.9! Seth hits the superplex into the falcon arrow for 2.5. Cena gets the STF, but Seth escapes. They fight up top and Cena goes for the Super AA, but Seth sends him down and HITS AN AA OF HIS OWN FOR 2! Seth hits the ripcord knee and lands the curb stomp to win it. Elias is out and quickly takes out Seth with Drift Away.

Well, this whole deal made Seth out to be a megastar. Finn Balor is out to face Elias. Seth lasted over an hour in the gauntlet. Elias and Balor have a fairly boring affair. Finn hits his comeback sequence and wins with the foot stomp. Miz is out and kicks away at Balor. The goons help Miz and Miz crotches Balor before hitting the Finale to take him out. Braun is out and punishes Miz and wins with the powerslam. This gauntlet was a lot of fun and made Seth feel like a main eventer again. Braun says he’ll win at the chamber and give Brock These Hands at WM and then destroys Miz and his goons for a while.

A Jeff Jarrett HOF video airs to sum up his incredible last year in life and wrestling. Asuka cuts a promo with Renee, before Nia attacks her and destroys her with a Samoan drop and legdrop. We get a Ronda Rousey hype video showing her kicking ass in UFC in stills before showing footage of her training. Titus and Apollo come down and face The Bar and beat them once again. Bray and Matt cut wacky promos again. Sasha, Mickie, and Bayley face Alexa and Absolution. Not really much to this – just a bunch of moves. Sasha hits her shotgun knees for 2. Sasha gets 2 off a cradle, but Alexa smashes her into the post, but gets locked into the Bank Statement and taps.

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