Impact Wrestling 2/22/18 Recap – Johnny vs. EC3

An EC3 and Tyrus recap video shows the latter’s return to the company and we get a rundown of Jimmy Jacobs threatening Joseph Park, Brian Cage’s debut, and Aries’s rematch with Eli. LAX faces the Cult of Lee while Sonjay talks about his issues in the past with Trevor Lee. Caleb flips out of some crazy double team stuff and LAX shines with a slew of double team moves. Ortiz hits a crazy double missile dropkick and Santana comes in and runs wild. An O’Connor roll is avoided and leads to a cutter and they go for the street sweeper, but Lee cradles him to win. Brian Cage squashes a jobber and wins with the Drill Claw/Steiner Screwdriver. Eddie Edwards talks to Lashley about teaming up and fighting OVE tonight.

Sydal faces Petey in a Grand Title match for Destiny wrestling in Canada. They’re in a dimly-lit building that shows part of a the front row and that’s it – so this is just great-looking for TV. Petey hits a flatliner and Sonjay talks about how so many people try to do the Destroyer now, but no one does it as well. Sydal hits the no-hands rana and misses the SSP. Petey hits a pop-up powerbomb, but Petey eats a modified Dudebuster and wins it. Kongo Kong and Jimmy Jacobs come out and then Grandma Jenny comes down too. She cuts a promo on them and calls them sissies and they threaten her before Joseph Park comes down. Sonjay tells him to speed up and Josh points out this is as fast as he goes now. Kongo Kong beats him up.

GWN clip shows Eddie Edwards facing Lashley and then Moose destorying someone. Alberto faces Moose at an FSW show and we get a walk and brawl. Alberto avoids a superplex and hits the double foot stomp to win it. A Hania highlight video airs. EC3 and Tyrus cut a promo on Johnny Impact and says he’ll win. OVE comes out before Eddie and Lashley are out. Eddie hits a big dive and Lashley hits a delayed suplex. Lashley powerslams Jake before Dave breaks it up. Eddie dives onto OVE and wins with the Boston knee party. Eli cuts a promo on Aries before EC3 is out to face Johnny Impact. Johnny gets a quick cradle for 2. EC3 hits a giant DDT and Johnny sells it by flipping onto his feet and then hitting a leg lariat. Super TK3 hits and Josh steal’s JBL’s “ballgame”, so it gets 2. EC3 argues with Tyrus and Johnny hits the moonlight drive and wins with the starship pain. Aries startes down with his new number one contender as the show ends.

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