AfterShock Comics Cancels Phil Hester & Tony Harris’ Blood Blister?

AfterShock Comics Cancels Phil Hester and Tony Harris’ Blood Blister?

Newsarama reports:

      Writer Phil Hester and artist Tony Harris’ Blood Blister has been pulled from AfterSchock Comics’ publishing schedule following delays.

      Originally launched in January 2017, Blood Blister’s last issue was #2 in May 2017 – three months after that issue’s originally-solicited release date. A third and a fourth issue were solicited for January and February 2018, respectively.

      Due to Harris’ busy schedule, Hester even stepped in with plans to draw Blood Blister #3 but, according to the writer/artist, the market support wasn’t there. Blood Blister #3’s solicitation was cancelled by Diamond Comics Distributors in January 2018, with AfterSchock themselves cancelling orders for #4 earlier this week.

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