Star Trek Discovery & Toy Fair 2018 Spoilers: DISCO Get Replica Ships Of The Line “Fleet Flyers”!

Star Trek Discovery and Toy Fair 2018 Spoilers follow.

DISCO Get Replica Spacecrafts! Ships Of The Line “Fleet Flyers”!

Gentle Giant Studios news release:

      Boldly GO!… AND take your favorite ships from Starfleet with you! From the runaway hit TV series Star Trek: Discovery comes Gentle Giant’s Fleet Flyers! Relive your favorite space battles or explore the outer reaches of the quadrant with these replica spacecraft that have appeared in the new season of Star Trek: Discovery.

      Each vessel is sculpted using actual digital models from the show, capturing every detail of each unique ship from both the Federation, the Klingon Empire and the yet unknown! Each ship comes packed with an articulated arm stand and suction cup so they can be attached to any smooth, flat surface for display!

      Features: Screen accurate ship designs; deluxe, articulated suction cup armature so you can recreate your favorite epic space battles.

Trekcore further reports:

      The first-wave Discovery Fleet Flyer line of miniature ships consists of the Walker-class USS Shenzhou and Crossfield-class USS Discovery of course, but also the Vulcan shuttle seen depicted at the beginning of “Lethe,” as well as two ships from the Battle of the Binary Stars: the Nimitz-class USS Europa and the Malachowski-class USS Clarke.

      The miniatures as displayed at Toy Fair are still in the prototype stage, with final sculpt and paint implementation still to be revised — notably the overly-golden hull of the Discovery is already on Gentle Giants’ to-be-corrected list, so don’t worry about that slipping by.

      These ships, each measuring between 3″-5″ in length, are produced from injection-molded plastic and are equipped with a clear plastic stand which mounts to flat surfaces with a suction cup, and then each ship can be positioned in as you wish using the stand’s multiple ball joints.

Here are a five pics of the DISCO toys, but there are a lot more pics over at Trekcore.


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