WWE Raw 2/26/18 Recap – Ronda Rousey Debuts on Raw

The men’s chamber and the Ronda segment are recapped to start the show. Alexa comes down and we get a recap of her win and she brags about winning the first women’s chamber match. Mickie is with her and gets praised. Asuka comes down and then Nia marches down and Asuka takes down Alexa and Mickie before Nia runs her down. Asuka triangles her, but gets overcome by the odds and not even Sasha and Bayley can save her. This leads to a six-woman tag with Mickie looking great in there with Bayley. Sasha goes to tag Bayley in after taking a ton of abuse, but Bayley drops down to get her back for Sasha kicking her off the pod last night. Asuka locks on the armbar/kneebar combo and Mickie taps out.

John Cena comes down and is all sad about not going to Mania until he says he wanted to issue a challenge to the Undertaker. Cena says he will go to SmackDown Live tomorrow and do whatever he can to get a spot at WrestleMania there too. Bray destroys Heath in a non-match and then rambles about the Great War and coming for Matt. Miz yammers on for a while until Seth comes down and we get a match. Seth and Miz have a shockingly good match with just signature stuff. The revolution knee sets up a frog splash from 3/4 of the way cross the ring to win it. The goons come in to attack before Balor comes in for a save. Kurt says that Miz is up next with a match against Finn with the goons banned. Balor takes out Miz with the shotgun dropkick, slingblade, and double foot stomp to seemingly set up a triple threat for WM.

Roman talks about how his family is this business and he knows there’s a line between business and respect – and he doesn’t respect Brock Lesnar. A Rosa Parks video airs before Titus Worldwide faces The Bar in a 2/3 falls match. The Bar goes up 1-0 off a brogue kick instantly. The Bar ends it with the super white noise to win it. The Bar wants competition and we get a video for the 2018 Warrior Award winner. Elias sings and gets mangled by Braun before Elias blasts him with a fire extinguisher to end it by DQ. They run backstage and Braun can’t catch up with him before Elias escapes.

Steph and HHH come out and say that WWE own Ronda Rousey. Ronda comes down and Kurt calms her down and Ronda tells him that she wants this more than anything – and she’s never been slapped before and won’t let Steph disrespect her. Kurt tells her to work within the system and he needs this job, so last night, he misheard what Steph and HHH said. Well, this is a great way to undercut Kurt for no good reason. Ronda tells Steph that she needs to apologize to her or else she will rip her arm out of its socket. Ronda gets a loud “rip it off!” chant. Steph apologizes all fake like before HHH lays out Kurt with a punch and Ronda consoles him. It’s still a solid setup for Kurt and Ronda against HHH and Steph – but not as good as last night’s.

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