10 Thoughts On … Ring Of Honor February 24, 2018 (Young Bucks, Bully Ray, Silas Young Versus Kenny King)

Thought Zero – Ring of Honor keeps running shows like WWE is not on the road to WrestleMania. All I can say to that is thank goodness.

  1. We start with a recap of Bully Ray becoming an “Enforcer” which is just a General Manager of another name. And hey, here is Bully Ray starting the show with an in-ring promo. Why is everyone just taking his word on this? Can’t someone give Joe Koff a call and check on the legitimacy of Bully Ray’s alleged powers?  Well, Bully Ray is good on the mic and he can’t wrestle anymore, so I guess this is as good of a spot for him as any.
  2. First match has So Cal Uncensored, represented by Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky, taking on the Young Bucks. Hmmm… I wonder where Christopher Daniels is. I don’t think I have ever seen Kazarian and Sky team up before. And SCU attacks during the code of honor. Quickly though, the Jackson brothers turn the tables.
  3. Cody Rhodes comes out to cheer on the Young Bucks and join the announce team. The Young Bucks look confused, so this must be from right after Cody attacked Kenny Omega.  Cody again reiterates that Bullet Club is fine. Back and forth match with both teams getting an extended period of offense. It gets a little interesting because I haven’t seen a lot of Scorpio Sky and his high flying offense looks impressive in tag team/short bursts. But in the end, the Young Bucks win with the Meltzer Driver. Christopher Daniels attacks after the bell and Adam Page comes down for the save while Cody moves slowly into the ring.
  4. Next we have a little backstage altercation between Silas Young and Kenny King. That match will be the main event tonight.  We also hear from the Briscoes whoare coming for MCMGs ROH tag team titles. But now, here are some highlights of the Women of Honor title tournament.
  5. Kelly Klein took on Bonesaw Jessie Brooks. We get some promo work from both women and then a few clips of the match. Despite her slightly robotic speaking style, Kelly Klein is coming off an almost three year undefeated streak and continues to look dominant. Klein picked up the win with a huge knee strike. She moves on to wrestle Mandy Leon in the second round.
  6. Deonna Purrazzo defeated Holidead with a Fujiwara armbar to move on in the tournament as well. We got the same individual promo clips from the contenders, serving as an introduction to the women and to try to put over the importance of the tournament. Holidead says a lot of nothing but tries to be spooky. Purrazzo cries during her promo. That is not exactly the way to try to make the women appear on the level of the men.
  7. The ROH 16th Anniversary show is looking pretty solid. Some of the matches include: Matt Taven versus Cody, Briscoes versus MCMGs, Marty Scurll versus Punishment Martinez, and Dalton Castle versus Jay Lethal. Just those four matches by themselves is pretty much enough to sell the show.
  8. Main event is for the Ring of Honor Television title. Kenny King gets his contractually-scheduled rematch against the champion Silas Young. Young has Beer City Bruiser and Brian Milonas with him. Young also has decided to grow out his beard instead of sticking with the porn ‘stache he’s been rocking for years.
  9. This match is pretty evenly matched early on. We even get a dual dropkick spot with both men trying for it at the same time. After Bruiser “accidentally” trips up King, Bully Ray comes out and enforces Bruiser and Kingpin to the back. I know I mentioned that Bully Ray is good on the mic, and he is, but if ROH wants to challenge the PG nature of the WWE, he needs to clean up the language.
  10. These two go back and forth and back and forth. They are very well matched and are putting together a great main event here. The crowd, normally a little dead for Kenny King matches, gets into this one hot by the end. And we see a huge surprise as Kenny King regains the ROH TV title with a rollup pin over Silas Young. I would not be opposed to these two men wrestling again at the 16th Anniversary show. Great match.

Bully Ray started off the show saying there would be no filler. Unfortunately, there was a lot of filler as we only got two full matches tonight. But one of those matches was a TV title change, so that is still pretty awesome. ROH! ROH! ROH!


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