DVD Review – Doomsday Device

Christian Sesma’s introduction into the indie film world is a much more interesting story than you’d expect. Formerly a restauranteur who apparently wound up becoming a filmmaker after “10 Minute Film School” by Robert Rodriguez, Sesma has since become a fairly prolific DTV auteur. Also known as Pandora’s Box, Doomsday Device is his latest work.

Simple premise: an FBI agent has to save the world after unwittingly unleashing the apocalypse. Starring a solid if unknown cast, Sesma takes the best of what’s admittedly a low budget piece and winds up making a solid if unremarkable piece.

It’s enjoyable for what it is, low budget thrills, and doesn’t aspire beyond that. It’s a solid TV movie, which it was released as, and is worth it if your cable provider can let you watch it.

Nothing of importance.

Lionsgate presents Doomsday Device. Written and Directed by Christian Sesma. Starring Corin Nemec, Mike Hatton, Robert Carradine, Jon Mack, Mary Christina Brown, Jessica Uberuaga, Jose Rosete, Nick Vallelonga, Samantha Robinson. Run Time: 90 minutes. Not Rated. Released on 2.20.2017

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