DC Comics Universe & Justice League Of America #25 Spoilers: JLA Detours Into Multiverse, On A Marvel Like Earth 8, On Road To Justice League No Justice


DC Comics Universe and Justice League Of America #25 Spoilers follow.

JLA Detours Into Multiverse, On A Marvel Like Earth 8, On Road To Justice League No Justice.

Batman is planning to head to Angor, Earth 8, with the Dreamslayer – Marvel’s Doctor Strange – and Black Canary insists she go with them to keep him honest.

A reminder, this is Earth 8 in DC’s multiverse; the heroes that used to be on that world are below.

Angor has been reborn…

…turned into a wasteland by Havok – Marvel’s Doctor Doom – who was…

…felled by the Adjudicator – possibly Marvel’s Watcher just more active?

At the same time, the Blue Jay – presumably Marvel’s Hank Pym – escaped Angor and sought help from Ray Palmer in the Microverse.

However, even with Dreamslayer they weren’t and aren’t enough of a force.

Fast forward to modern day, Batman pleads for the Adjudicator to leave Angor and let it go on without Havok.

Black Canary is frustrated and feelings no one is being an active listener while…

…the same time Dreamslayer heaves…

…vanishes as…

…Havok is reborn. An ending that was spoiled by the cover to this comic book.

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