DC Comics Universe & Teen Titans #17 Spoilers: Team Shattered On Road To Justice League No Justice & Beast Boy Is Hacked?!

DC Comics Universe and Teen Titans #17 Spoilers follow.

Team Disbands Shattered On Road To Justice League No Justice and Beast Boy Is Hacked?

The Teen Titans vacate…

…their destroyed Titans Tower…

…as Beast Boy decides to leave the team and go solo.

We then pivot to kid on a school bus who is lost in its virtual world and…

…snaps when bullied, driving the bus off a bridge!

Teen Titans appear with Raven commandeering and landing the bus while Starfire saves the bot who fell out of the bus.

They decide to take him to a hospital as Damian Wayne, Robin, notices an anomaly in his brain.

At the same time, Beast Boy super fan Joran takes her to her friends in Nevrland…

…and shows Beast Boy her new implantable tech called Pixie.

She reveals her true self to Beast Boy and asks him to be a weirdo with her.

At the hospital, the Teen Titans meet with a doctor who removed a device from the kid’s nostril. It is the Pixie device and dangerous!

The book ends with Beast Boy willing injecting Pixie into his nose!

Beast Boy will end up alright, somehow, since he is part of Justice League: No Justice…

…on Batman’s team no less.

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