DC Comics Universe & Wonder Woman #41 Spoilers: Darkseid Forces Vs. Steve Trevor, Cale Vs. Diana & The Return Of A Reinvigorated Now Costumed Jason?

DC Comics Universe and Wonder Woman #41 Spoilers follow.

Darkseid Forces Vs. Steve Trevor, Cale Vs. Diana and The Return Of A Now Costumed and Reinvigorated Jason?

Darkseid gets an accounting from the Female Furies about how…

…they were defeated by Steve Trevor and ARGUS forces leaving two of their own captured.

Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor meet up after an adventure she had that ties back to…

…Ms Cale. Her daughter has been taken by Darkseid, presumably she’s the blonde one at the beginning of this issue. Ms. Cale just doesn’t like Wonder Woman. She’s a rich villain the mold of Lex Luthor it seems.

The book ends with Diana’s twin brother Jason returned…

…with a new costume and a new mission?

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