Impact Wrestling 3/1/18 Recap – Sami Battles Eddie Edwards

A recap of Johnny vs. EC3 airs to start the show before the Aries-Johnny staredown is shown again. EC3 is out to face Tyrus, but he stalls forever first. Tyrus hits a One Percenter that’s more like a Stroke and pins with him a Tongan death grip chokeslam. Joseph Park says he’ll take Kongo on without the help of Abyss. OVE makes a creepy video on Eddie Edwards. Sonjay and Josh go to a new green screen area to talk about Eddie vs. Sami in the main event. Braxton Sutter faces El Hijo Del Fantasma. Braxton dominates, until Fantasma hits the tope! Fantasma hits a knee and the Thrill of the Hunt to win it. Braxton cuts a bitter promo about Allie ruining lives and declares himself to be the biggest star in the company. Brian Cage comes down and hits the Drillclaw.

Scott Steiner does a suplex in the Pluto app plug and Rosemary vs. Hania is hyped. Sydal says that his new spirit guide has made his life better and he will share him next week when he faces Ishimori. Sydal vs. Ishimori is made a double title match and Ishimori calls him a douche bag. Kongo Kong massacres Joseph Park and Jimmy Jacobs has Kong choke him out until he promises that Abyss will return. The Cult of Lee parties for a bit with the Mumbai Cats until Konnan comes in and reveals the Cats are actually LAX and beat up the Cult by the pool.

Alberto cuts a dimly-lit promo about how Aries is just a name and he’ll destroy him to become champion. The lighting on this made Alberto look at least a decade older. Hania comes out to face Rosemary in far less revealing gear than usual. Rosemary squashes her and pins with a Red Wedding and “does away with Hania”, who is done with the company. Taya returns to continue her feud with Rosemary and says that Rosemary is Taya’s bitch. Taya jumps her and hits .the Glam Slam on the ramp. Lashley vs. Edwards from years ago airs for the GWN filler clip of the week.

A recap of LVN’s journey in Impact leads to her saying she will be married to the belt. KM brings the belt down and LVN comes down with her lipstick all messed up already. Sonjay’s line about “Laurel trying to marry an inanimate object” is one of his best ever.  KM says that he’s an ordained minister and he’s married every combination, including now marrying LVN to the knockouts title because “it’s 2018 and I CAN DO THAT!”. Laurel wants him to skip everything and just get to the good part. Braxton comes down in a neck brace and says he objects and says one year ago, he didn’t marry LVN and he made a huge mistake. He wants to marry her and she can still marry the title. She rejects him and he takes a bump for it! Allie comes out after being disguised as a photographer and objects with a pounce and punches! This was all tremendous.

We get another wacky OVE video. Allie faces LVN at Crossroads next week. Sonjay picks Johnny Impact to win next week, and we get a recap of everything with Aries and Johnny. Sami comes out and faces Eddie. They trade crazy topes and Eddie fishhooks Sami on the ground. The ref sends the Cris brothers to the back, and Ohio badass outlaws abide. Sami boots him and hits an apron piledriver. Why do that on Impact? Eddie comes in and eats a Liger bomb for 2. Eddie lands a sueprplex and a backpack stunner for 2. Slingshot brainbuster gets 2. Ligerbomb attempt leads to Eddie getting a rana and the win. Sami hits a pedigree shoulderbreaker and the Crists brawl with Lashley backstage after Sami smacks Eddie in the face with a sick bat shot. Well, that certainly was a good-to-great match, but it didn’t need the bat shot.

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