Marvel Comics Legacy & Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man #300 Spoilers: A High Octane Yet Confusing Milestone

Marvel Comics Legacy and Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man #300 Spoilers follow.

A High Octane Yet Confusing Milestone!

The first part of the book focuses on Spider-Man and the Avengers capturing the Tinkerer. As that story was thought ro come to a close, aliens appear ready to enslave the Earth.

Looks like SHIELD and the Gray Blade captured the Tinkerer on domestic terrorism charges earlier and put him to work seemingly for them, but as we learn later that came with a cost.

Spider-Man and friends search Tinkerer’s lab and find information about the aliens; they are called the Vedomi. There are a race of AI / robots that Tinkerer wants to come back to Earth.

He created unique AI for a criminal cellphone; each cell has its own unique AI. This AI are responding to a Vedomi beacon. Due to sheer number of these unique cellphone AI’s, the Vedomi come back to enslave the Earth.

Spider-Man summons Doctor Doom aka the Infamous Iron Man for help…

…to use his time machine. However, even by traveling back in time two weeks the new rules of time travel means that they will not be able to change the present. So, what’s the point?

The Vedomi break into Doom’s lair, but…

…Spider-Man and friends have safely traveled to the past.

Next up is Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man #301.

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