Marvel Comics Legacy & Avengers No Surrender Spoilers: The Challenger Joins The Elders Of The Universe! Who Is The Promoter? Elders Status For Fresh Start? Demythify!

Marvel Comics Legacy, Thor vs. Hulk, and Avengers No Surrender Spoilers follow.

The Challenger Joins The Elders Of The Universe! Who Is The Promoter? What Is The Status Of The Elders For The Fresh Start Of Marvel Comics Under Their New EIC? Demythify!

In 2018, Marvel expanded the Elders of the Universe membership by one with the Challenger! A central figure in the turmoil afflicting the Earth and the Avengers in a game between the Challenger and the Grandmaster.

As was explained he was the Elders’ first Grandmaster before the current Grandmaster stole his mantle and banished him. Full origin in Avengers #670 No Surrender Part 5 is HERE with spoilers.

However, who are the Elders of The Universe? The 1980’s The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe includes this small membership list, seven known and three unknown, and associated Who’s Who bio.

That membership didn’t change much even up to the 2010 Marvel Encyclopedia with the exception of the removal of The Runner.

Now, in 2016, the pages of the Thor vs. Hulk digital comic book mini-series another new Elder was introduced named the Promoter.

She is interesting, I guess.

That leaves one open question mark from the 1980’s bio. Who is that?

Now, while Marvel’s membership of the Elders has been relatively consistent at least from the 1980s to 2010s, it seems that many online resources show a lot more members to the Elders. Now, these are elder, ominipotent beings, but Marvel doesn’t seem to acknowledge them as part of their “official” Elders of the Universe in their modern day comics.

Those other possible ELEVEN (not ONE) members are the following, depending on what online resources one uses including Marvel Comics own wikia.

It is worth noting that The Fallen One from the above is the same entity as The Champion.

Beyond that, those possible other ELEVEN members of the Elders, not in the Challenger’s flashback in Avengers #679, are below.

    • The Architect
    • The Astronomer / Grand Astrogater
    • The Caregiver
    • The Explorer
    • The Judicator
    • The Obliterator
    • The Trader
    • Carina Walters
    • Ego the Living Planet
    • Father Time
    • Gara

Well, if anyone can shed light on whether the Elders are six members, ten members or more / less members, I’d like to hear it.

Certainly, since the 2015 Secret Wars reset Marvel’s history somewhat, I would take the answer to how many Elders of the Universe there are from 2018’s Avengers #679.

In The Challenger I trust. 😉

What say you?

BTW, Avengers #683 with No Surrender Part 9 is out this Wednesday.

Am curious how The Challenger storyline will play out.

Hmmm. Today’s piece reminds me of my olde Demythify columns. Ah, those were the good old days. Ok, till next time, friends. 🙂

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