Impact Wrestling 3/8/18 – Johnny faces Aries at Crossroads

Johnny Impact walks into the building with an entourage carrying American flags in slow motion. Aries says he’ll do whatever it takes to win and Johnny is shown doing big dives. The Cult of Lee comes down to face LAX. LAX comes down in goofy Zubak-looking shorts that would be more at home on the Young Bucks than a street gang. Santana hits a springboard sunset flip and a yakuza kick. LAX does a double pop powerslam before a jump-up moonsault and Santana hits a no-touch hilo to the floor. Ortiz avoids an apron PK and lands a suplex into a stunner. Caleb eats the Street Sweeper and LAX retains.

Monty Brown faces Christain Cage in the GWN clip. Sydal cuts a promo about becoming X Champion tonight and making two titles one tonight. Ishimori comes down followed by Sydal. Ishimori ducks under an Irish whip and hits a snap headscissors. Ishimori hits a super codebreaker for an ad break. Sydal gets a dragon screw and a single leg crab. Ishimori gets a stretch muffler and turns it into a tilt a whirl backbreaker into a TKO for 2. Ishimori hits a golden triangle moonsault before a ramp-running rana. Ishimori hits the tombstone codebreaker and goes up top for the 450, but Sydal blocks it. His rana is blocked and the 450 hits knees before the shooting star hits it and ends it. Sydal goes from being a star in ROH and New Japan to now being a double champion in Impact – so he’s doing fine.

Allie says she’s ready to win and will dedicate it to Gail Kim. Allie’s story with LVN is shown from the beginnings of everything with Maria. Allie comes down and she brawls with LVN on the ramp. Allie misses an apron knee and gets tossed into the post. Laurel mounts her and bonks her head and lands a sloppy natural selection. Laurel goes up top and misses a double stomp, but Allie lands a codebreaker. Allie suplexes her into the buckle and tosses her out. Laurel puts her on a chair, but Allie toeholds her into it. Allie elbows her down, but eats a curb stomp into the buckle before draping her over the rope and hitting a curb stomp there. Allie superkicks her down and wins it! Aries cuts a promo on his run now and doing well throughout the world and then mocks Johnny for having a thousand last names. Sami’s attack on Eddie is shown and Sami cuts an intense promo about how he’ll take out Lashley too. OVE faces Lashley 1 on 2 and it’s just a basic beating until Brian Cage comes out as Lashley’s partner. He runs roughshod through them until Lashley hits Dave with the spear and Jake eats the Drillclaw to win.

Johnny cuts a weird promo about how he doesn’t show up with belts from other companies because he doesn’t want to pay for another checked bag and he isn’t insecure. Johnny is out, followed by Aries. They start off with some basic matwork before Aries lands a slick armdrag and a dropkick. Johnny hits a Samoan drop akd then lands a corkscrew legdrop for 2. Aries hits the double axehandle to the floor, which he should probably stop doing at 40. Aries puts him in the ropes and kicks away and snapmares him into a second rope elbow to the neck. Johnny drapes him in the ropes and hits the sliding German. Johnny hits a double jump flying Chuck for 2. Johnny gets 2 off a standing SSP. Johnny can’t hit the super Spanish Fly, but backflips off for a tornado kick before landing the Spanish Fly for 2.9. Aries lands a rope-hung neckbreaker and he goes for the corner dropkick, but Johnny boots him and cradles him for 2. Knee hits and he goes for starship pain, but Aries catches him with a Japanese armdrag in the corner. The corner dropkick lands and the delayed brainbuster ends it. Alberto comes to the ramp and claps. Johnny vs. Aries was outstanding and easily worth watching the show for.


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