Captain Marvel / Shazam Movie Spoilers: 10 On-Set Pictures Leak Including Hero’s Costume & Sivana


Captain Marvel / Shazam Movie Spoilers follow.

10 On-Set Pictures Leak Including Hero’s Costume, The Marvel Family Kids and Arch-Villain Sivana.

These first two pictures where the grainy partial ones that first came out.

This next picture if of the kid cast who in the comics becomes adult super-heroes and part of the Shazam or Marvel Family.

Now four pictures of the Shazam formerly Captain Marvel costume in action.

Now three pictures of Sivana and/or Shazam.

If you’re not sure about the characters these actors play here are some interesting Who’s Who type DC Comics Encyclopedia bios for them.

Original Shazam / Captain Marvel origin.

Original Sivana origin.

However, these classic origins were updated recently and that work has been collected.

So the cast has a new look and is expanded.

New look Shazam.

Expanded Marvel Family.

Updated Black Adam / Teth Adam.

Updated Sivana.

Shazam hits North American theatres on April 5, 2019.

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