Netflix & Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 2 Recaps By Penny; Episode 2 – “AKA Freak Accident”

Jess is at every Marvel/Netflix character’s favourite dive bar, still getting memory flashes and breaking whiskey glasses. The bartender makes sure she isn’t planning to wreck the place. She just wants to get plastered. She calls Trish but her boyfriend answers. She says she’ll call back later as it’s 4AM and Trish is asleep. She’s about to leave to go home when some clueless yuppie douche at the pool table says “nice ass”. At first she looks like she’s going to pummel him, but as self-destructive cheap sex with strangers is one of her coping mechanisms, she fucks him in the bathroom instead. At least until he stupidly calls her a freak in the sexual way but it annoys her and she cuts him off and kicks him out of the stall. Malcolm calls her and says he tracked down the owner of the “dry cleaning” place and it’s Koslov, the doctor Trish thinks was behind Jess’ powers and missing 20 days. As she hangs up to go talk to Koslove, Malcolm gets a text from someone named Teaser.

Jess cabs it to Koslov’s place, monologing about how if she is a freak she was made one and she has complaints about the service. She sneaks onto Koslov’s property. She gets to the door and is greeted by a friend of the family and she realizes it’s a funeral. Koslov is dead, killed in a car crash. Sje plays along and quietly watches the gathered guests, and has flashbacks to her family’s wake with Trish’s asshole mom scolding her for not crying. She shakes it off and overhears a former soldier in a wheelchair talking about how Koslov saved his life and Jess is confused.

Trish and Griffin are on the patio at a restaurant awaiting her mom, and Trish is trying to not be stressed at the very idea. Griffin politely leaves when mom arrives. Trish needs her mom to help her get in touch with Maximillion and her mom to no one’s surprise continues to be a complete bitch to her, putting her down and generally dismissing her as having any value without her. Trish verbally coldcocks her for being such a useless mother and mom reluctantly gives her the contact info.

Jeri is sitting in her car being honked at by cars waiting for her to move at a green light while her phone keeps ringing. She finally moves and parks, continuing to dismiss the call. A working girl approaches her car and Jeri hires her and they drive off. Back at Koslov’s funeral Jess is trying to search the place without getting caught. Wheelchair soldier enters the room, and hits her with a collapsible baton. She takes him down and they talk. They agree Koslov’s death was no accident, but solja boi refuses to believe Koslov ever experimented on anyone, insisting he was a good man. He fingers Will Simpson as the killer and I’m guessing that’s who Hoodie Guy must be. Jess tells him she’s going to prove Koslov was a sicko who turned people like her into freaks and solja boi grabs her feet. The commotion attracts attention and Jess leaves, leaving Trish a message to meet up as soon as possible.

As Trish and her mom leave the restaurant bickering, we see Hoodie Guy watching her from a car nearby and as he puffs on his inhaler we see it is indeed a very much NOT dead Will Simpson. Jess meanwhile comes home to find Malcolm has gathered up her brothers ashes in a ziplock, and she puts all the ashes away quietly. She then starts a web search for the Whizzer, trying to find a connection. A knock on her door reveal Detecives Costa and Sunday, wanting to question her about Whizzer’s accident. She brings them to Garcia hoping he’ll tell them what he saw but he plays dumb and smugly says he saw nothing. She gets pissed. Sunday and Costa ask her to come down to the station to talk more but as she’s NOT under arrest she tells them to come back when they have a valid reason to harass her. Costa smugly says they’ll see her real soon.

Trish calls Malcolm, who was asleep in bed with a woman whose face we don’t see but whose back tattoo looks kinda familiar. She needs his help and he agrees to meet her, even as she asks him not to tell Jess/ Jess meanwhile is searching Whizzer’s apartment, dodging his pet mongoose Emil and finding a small laptop as she monologues about what was done to them. She opens the laptop to find a video diary of Whizzer talking about what was done to him, bad dreams, memories of things he heard the doctors say, complaining that whatever they did to increase his speed is painful and likely killing him, and paraphrases the Spiderman mantra by saying “with great power comes great mental illness”. Jess hears a cop outside the door checking on the noise so she frees Emil to spook the cop and jumps out the window with his laptop.

Jeri is coked off her ass with a few working girls dancing to Lindsay Perry’s Dancing With The Devil. She starts stripping and making out with one of them, and as a retired sex worker all I can think is how much she’s paying to get GFE. (Google it). Jeri rambles about karma and asks for another bump, saying she doesn’t want to think right now, and while they still haven’t said what her doctor told her I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess cancer. She goes back to dancing and making out with the trio.

Malcolm meets Trish and she gives him her id card to get him on set with her as her “PA”, and he wants to know why. She warns him he’s going to hear ugly things about her she doesn’t want Jess to hear about, and wants him to record it. She goes to meet Max, a film director, and says they need to talk. Jess meanwhile confronts Garcia about lying to the cops. He says he’s fighting to keep his kid and doesn’t want to get dragged into whatever her freak ass is involved in. She goes back to her place to watch more of Whizzer’s video, and search his laptop, and realizes that Trish is the connection between her and Whizzer and Koslov.

Speaking of Trish, she confronts Max, wanting access to the hospital he donates to. He balks, so she threatens to spill about him being a creepy pedo dipshit who raped her when she was 15 and bought her silence with a part. He dismisses her and does the usual victim-blaming shit these guys ALWAYS do. Malcolm just looks sad as he records it all.

Jess goes to Griffin’s looking for Trish but she’s not there. He spills about Trish meeting her mom and wants to go with her to track Trish down. She declines. Later while going through files Jess calls Trish’s “toxic waste of space” mom but gets hung up on. Malcolm chases Max down in the parking lot and punches him out. Trish meanwhile is crying on the film lot when she hears a noise. She gets out her gun and follows the noise to confront whoever it is and ends up shooting Will in the thigh. And Jess breaks down Toxic Mom’s door and gets the info about where Trish went. Toxic Mom proves why I won’t call her by name by saying she trusts Trish more with the pedo film director than with Jess.

Cheng shows up at Jeri’s door wondering why she hasn’t filed his complaint against Jess. She says she’ll do it tomorrow. He says she should have done it today. She gives him a death glare and tells him to walk away and forget what he saw. She throws some money at the working girls and kicks them out, and sits down at her table to sob.

Jess tracks Trish to the studio and finds her purse. She follows the trail trying to find her. She tracks them down to where Trish has Will tied up. Will tells them he’s innocent of Whizzer and Koslov’s murders and has been protecting Trish. Just as they believe him the lights go out, and Will says the real killer has found them. Will breaks his ropes and tells Jess to get Trish out of there, but the way out is blocked. They go back to Will when they hear violent noises and find him dead with his entire head stomped in. As Trish cries in shock in Jess’ arms, Jess’ internal monologue says Will was right that it takes a monster to stop a monster, but Will wasn’t the right monster for the job.

End of episode. See you tomorrow for episode 3.

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