Timeless Returns For Season 2 Tonight! How Does It Kick Off? Some Spoilers.

Timeless Returns For Season 2 Tonight! How Does It Kick Off? Some Spoilers.

Variety reports:

      The characters of “Timeless” travel to different time periods in every episode, which means the show resets each week. But the series, which survived a temporary cancellation by NBC last May, has even more changes in store for its second season.

      Series co-creator Eric Kripke, who handed off showrunning duties to Arika Lisanne Mittman and Tom Smuts, say the show is taking “bigger risks and bigger swings” this time out…

      …For the second season, which returns March 11, it was important to Kripke, his co-creator Shawn Ryan and the new showrunners to “double down” on what they felt worked about the first season. This includes ensuring the tone of the show remains “rollicking” and akin to “Back to the Future,” says Kripke, as well as focusing on how changes to history affect the core characters emotionally and personally.

      This year we wanted to delve into more — not just how Lucy is missing her sister but how the backgrounds of our other characters potentially change as they’re mucking around with history,” Kripke says.

      This season finds Abigail Spencer’s character, Lucy, physically working alongside her mother (Susanna Thompson) and Rittenhouse operative Emma (Annie Wersching), traveling back in time to World War I to rescue a soldier who is supposed to die in battle. But secretly, because she fears her friends have been killed, she is planning to get rid of the mothership — which she assumes is the only vehicle left that can transport people through time.

      “We meet Lucy in a fragile state because she is going to use herself as a human sacrifice for what she thinks is the greater good,” Spencer says. “Part of the arc this season is who is Lucy without wanting to keep everything in history the same? Now she realizes how fragile history is, and do you try and keep everything the same if you’re just going to get the same results? I think it’s a reflection of where we are today — if you just keep doing the same things, you’re going to get the same results, so we actually have to learn from our past and try and make [better] decisions.”

More over at Variety.

Timeless returns at 10 p.m. tonight on NBC.

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