Marvel Comics Legacy & X-Men Red #2 Spoilers: Team Expands As World Gets More Racist & A BIG Threat Returns!

Marvel Comics Legacy and X-Men Red #2 Spoilers follows.

Team Expands As World Gets More Racist and A BIG Threat Returns!

The book opens with the usual storyline catch-up or summary page, dramatis personae and creators’ credits page; this time its all on one page as opposed to two or three pages in other Marvel series.

Jean Grey was framed for killing a United Nations delegate by Cassandra Nova; the world’s base anti mutant sentiment bubble to the surface.

X-Men Red have been granted asylum in Black Panther’s Wakanda…

…where the team is introduced to mutant Gentle. He is Immortal Hulk level strong, but doesn’t use his powers a lot as it pains him literally.

A mutant from India named Trinary, someone whose has powers over technology, wants…

…Jean Grey’s help to free her from captivity.

The team heads to India and Jean does her mind-reading thing to help guide the team to Trinary.

They free her as…

…Jean Grey is confronted by an angry mob. She is able to put most to sleep, but…

…others are mind controlled. On top of that…

…a Sentinel is employed against the X-Men Red!

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