Impact Wrestling 3/15/18 Recap – Feast Or Fired

Crossroads is recapped and we see Sydal win the X Title and Allie win the Knockouts title. Sami faces Fallah Bah for some reason, and Sami low blows him and and wins with a death valley driver. Sami goes to smack him with a bat, but Eddie runs down to make a save. Matt Sydal talks about his spriit guide, who we will see later. We see feast or fired from 2008 as the GWN match. Aries does an interview and kicks McKenzie out before Alberto interrupts. Alberto says that Aries is a real champion while Eli was a paper champion. Alberto brings him a cart of wine and then a juicy steak. Alberto wants him to eat it, but Aries chooses a banana instead. This is a world title program. Aries lets him know that he’s not impressed by his money – he’s making world champ money.

Allie chats with Kira Hogan before Braxton comes in and they leave. Jimmy Jacobs and Kongo Kong come down before Jim Mitchell returns and tells him that he has awakened Abyss. Sonjay is the one man on Earth surprised to see Abyss return. Mitchell offers them tickets to the monster’s ball next week. A Taya-Rosemary recap airs before their match. Rosemary eats a corner charge and they tumble for a bit. Rosemary Germans her off a corner miss. Taya chops her in the corner and gets a curmb stomp off a surfboard. She goes up for a moonsault and misses before Rosemary hits a Cactus clothesline to the floor. They brawl on the ramp before Taya hits her with the Road to Valhalla on the ramp.

Eli chats to someone about feast or fired and he says the person is no-showing – so that’s the writeoff for Chris Adois. EC3 cuts a promo about returning to the world title scene. Lashley chats to Cage for a bit until things get heated. LAX is backstage and they complain to Homicide about skimming money. Josh puts over Sydal before Josh is revealed as the guru. Josh says that he has centered Sydal’s chi and gives Sydal a sprit animal mask. Feast or Fired features a shockingly high amount of brawling outside the ring for a battle royal. Petey gets a case, Moose gets a case, and Tyrus tosses Eli around for a while. EC3 gets a case and then Eli gets the last case – the cases will be revealed next week.


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