Netflix & Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 2 Recaps By Penny; Episode 7 – “AKA I Want Your Cray-Cray”

Well after the bombshell drop that ended last episode, we’re getting a breather episode that’s an episode long flashback.

Alisa Jones wakes up severely disfigured and we learn SHE is the Meat Face lady from both Jess’ flashbacks and Inez’s recounting. She loses her shit on a nurse and breaks out of her room. As she tries to escape the facility she threatens the other patients in an attempt to be set free, which unbeknownst to her includes young Jess. Dr. Karl however sedates her while she’s distracted and the staff get her back in her bed and restrained. She’s kept sedated for year, and when she wakes up she’s no longer disfigured but the face in the mirror isn’t hers. Dr. Karl’s explanation for this is that it’s a side-effect of the “cutting edge genetic editing” they implemented to save her life, but she had to be kept in a medically induced coma for 5 years. Because Alisa has been declared dead, (not to mention that all this shit is MUHFUGGIN’ ILLEGAL AS ALL HELL), they used her as basically a guinea pig for it. They tell her her husband and son actually ARE dead, but Jess lived.

Flashback switches to the Release Party for Trish’s new single “I want Your Cray-Cray”, and Jess is utterly miserable here. This would be the period wherein Jess lived with Trish and was being “raised” by Toxic Mom, or shortly thereafter. Trish is coked off her ass, this being that point in her life. Jess isn’t amused and shoves Trish away and storms off to the bar where Toxic Mom is flitting about being her usual obnoxious self. The bartender, a guy named Stirling, is being bitched at by the manager for not watering down the drinks and he quits, taking a bottle or two with him as he does so. Trish meanwhile has invited the whole party back to her place, which she has apparently forgotten is also Jess’ place. Jess is pissed that Trish would do that without even consulting her and starts to leave the party entirely. Stirling intercepts her with the booze he stole from the bar and offers Jess a drink.

Alisa is angry and trying to resist being poked and prodded anymore, refusing to be further tested on. She demands that Malus tell her what happened to her daughter. Karl answers her questions, explaining that they weren’t 100% certain his illegal experiments would actually succeed and save Alisa’s life, so with her having been declared dead, Jess was put in the care of Dorothy Walker. Alisa flips out again, trying to escape to go rescue her daughter. Once again though, Dr. Karl sedates her while she’s distracted and she’s put back to bed.

Skip to sometime later. It’s been at least a few weeks and Jess and Stirling are dating now. They’re walking down the street at night and Stirling spots a closed thrift shop with a certain leather jacket in the window. He encourages Jess to be a bad girl, and Jess thusly breaks in and aqquires the jacket she wears to this day. Stirling pressures Jess to introduce him to “Patsy”, and Jess complies, but when Stirling uses the intro to pitch Trish on investing in his idea for a nightclub he wants to open called Alias, Jess feels like Stirling used her and she’s pissed. Stirling tries his best to assuage her anger and convince her he loves her and Jess falls for it, and things calm down.

Back at IGH, Alisa has somehow managed to hide her meds and pretends to be sedated, as Inez arrives as a new nurse to assist Luanne, the nurse Alisa has already injured once and whose impending murder Dr. Karl will end up pinning on Dave Colecki the janitor. The pair of nurses come in while they think she’s unconscious to unlock her restraints and change her gown, bedding and diaper. Luanne spots the untaken medication where Alisa hid it, but by then it’s too late, as Alisa is already up and has thrown Inez into the glass cabinet responsible for her mangled legs in the present, as chunks of the glass bury themselves in Inez’s spine. Alisa grabs Luanne and gets the info on where she can find Jess. She turns to leave but Luanne is holding the Idiot Ball and tries to hit the alarm BEFORE Alisa has left the room, earning herself a broken neck for her troubles. Alisa is a bat out of hell, tossing people around like ragdolls as she fights her way out of IGH.

Stirling is at Jess’ apartment when a bunch of goons come to beat Stirling up over some money he owes them. This goes about as well for them as you’d expect it to when done in front of Jess, and she mops the floor with them and sends them packing. Alisa meanwhile has finally escaped successfully and has tracked Dorothy down. She pretends to be a high school teacher looking for Jess to offer condolences and Dorothy being the shallow vapid toxic twit she is happily gives her Jess’ location. When she finds Jess’ building she observes as some little kids, overheated during a hot summer, are trying to pry open a fire hydrant and Jess kicks it open for them to happy kid cheers. She keeps her distance and follows Jess. Jess meets Stirling at a bar for drinks. When she excuses herself to go to the bathroom, Alisa follows her. She’s about to try to talk to Jess when she sees the loanshark goons taking Stirling out back. They tell him they don’t want the money he owes anymore but instead want Jess to use her strength and do some jobs for them. Stirling, proving what an opportunistic sleazebag he is, says Jess loves him and he’ll get her to agree if they give him a 25% cut. After the goons leave, Alisa confronts him. He tries to blow her off thinking she’s just some crazy old lady but Alisa kills him stone dead.

Jess comes out of the bathroom and looks around for Stirling. A waitress points her outside and when she finds Stirling’s dead body she loses her shit. Grief-stricken and heartbroken, she tracks down her best, (and let’s be honest probably only at this point), friend for comfort and finds Trish at some club about to give the skeevy owner a BJ as thanks for his services. Jess literally throws the guy out on his ass and takes Trish away. They end up on the rooftop Jess was watching a movie on a building wall from in the first episode of this season where they sit down and have a good long talk. Jess thinks Stirling was murdered by the goons she beat up yesterday as retaliation, and that his death is therefore her fault. She tells Trish she’s hit rock bottom and it’s time to grow up and go to rehab.

Alisa has calmly returned to IGH, lamenting the trail of bodies she’s left in her wake today. Dr. Karl accepts responsibility for this, saying she only lost control because of reactions to the treatments he’s performed on her. He offers to keep experimenting until Alisa is capable of full self-control so she can be with Jess and have Jess be safe in her company. She agrees/ The real Doctor Hanson is leery of the idea and suggest that perhaps they should call Koslov, but Malus insists he has everything under control now and thsat he can and will help Alisa.

FINALLY we cut back to the present day as Alisa is telling Jessica all about her parts of the story in this flashback, including murdering the first man she ever loved. She asks Jess to forgive her, but Jess ain’t having it. She says no and knocks Alisa flying, but in her anger she forgot that Malus is still here, and the skeevy prick sedates her while she’s distracted. The episode ends with Jess fading into unconsciousness.

End of episode. See you tomorrow for episode 8!

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