Netflix & Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 2 Recaps By Penny; Episode 11 – “AKA Three Lives & Counting”

Jess is understandably freaking out after killing Dale the Prison Guard Bully BLOODY SERIAL KILLER, but calms down just enough to realize that it might just be in her best interests to stage the scene so it looks like the bastard offed himself in a sudden fit of conscience. She writes a suicide note on, makes sure his trophies are out in the open for cops to find, and then drops his body off the roof, hoping police will be so swayed by the trophies that they won’t look too closely into pesky little things handwriting or body position. As she looks down the roof at his body someone behind her starts clapping and oh look it’s everyone’s favourite mind rapist! Well, at least his voice for now, accompanied by his creepy purple lighting. I was wondering when we’d get our David Ten-Inch cameo. Hallucination Kilgrave tells Jess this is her third corpse now so isn’t it time she just accept she’s a killer right downto the DNA?

Trigger warning; There’s a scene I refuse to describe in any great detail in this episode that WILL be SUPER triggery for rape and abuse survivors. All I will say is when you see Jess in the shower, fast forward until the next scene starts. TRUST me on this.

Alisa figures out that Jess must have disposed of Dale as there’s a new head guard in her ward, a woman named Marilyn who is MUCH nicer than Dale was. They talk and get to know each other, bonding over being mothers. Alisa convinces Marilyn to let her call Jess and check on her. Meanwhile Jess finds all of Karl’s fake documents have been slipped under her door by Garcia while she was out accidentally murdering a seriall killer, so she gathers them up and heads off to his hotel to meet him. When she arrives though he’s no longer there, and Jess figures out someone took him. She heads to the prison to see Alisa and ask if there’s anywhere she can think of that he may have gone. Alisa becomes agitated and tells her it had to be Trish, trying to get powers. Jess doesn’t want to believe it. Kilgrave appears again as she’s leaving the prison, this time in person instead of as just a voice, singing Trish’s horrible Cray Cray song. I honestly cannot decide if that is super disturbing or morbidly hilarious or both.

Jess heads back to her place, trying desperately to tune out the Kilgrave hallucination as he tries to be the little devil on her shoulder, Palpatining her to embrace the dark side, saying killing Dale was a GOOD thing, him being an uncaught serial killer and all. She tries the Repeating Street Names trick but since this version of Kilgrave is LITERALLY in her head he just repeats them right along with her. Jess figures out Malcolm helped Trish track Malus down when she sees he accessed her Cloud. She uses a dating app he’s on to pinpoint his location, which is still in Trish’s trunk. Trish meanwhile has taken Karl to a vet to get the things he needs to get her powers. Malcolm wakes up while Trish is putting stuff in her trunk and he gets in her face about lying to him. Trish proves she’s GONE full Cray Cray by pulling a gun on him. She holds him at bay long enough to get Karl into her car and she drives off with him just as Jess shows up tracking Malcolm’s phone.

Alisa is watching TV in prison and the sight of a beach sets off a memory of her and Karl sitting together on one talking, presumably THAT beach. He’s telling her he no longer trusts his partners Hanson and Koslov, and that he’s shutting the IGH clinic down, but that he loves her and will take her with him to continue trying to fix her. Malcolm and Jess argue about him helping Trish and try to figure out where she’s going. Malcolm says he spotted a logo on the bags Karl was carrying as Trish ushered him into the car, and they use that to find the vet office. They lock the vet assistant in a dog cage to get her to tell them what Trish and Karl were there for. Upon learning what supplies they took Jess figures out what they’re planning, but Kilgrave is becoming a more annoying presence and Malcolm has to stop her from accidentally strangling someone thinking it was Kilgrave. The hhallucinations are getting worse. Malcolm calms the poor guy down while Jess leaves to track down Trish.

Karl and Trish are at the abandoned IGH facility from past episodes and Karl begins the procedure. When Jess catches up to them things look bleak. The procedure doesn’t appear to be working, and Trish looks like she’s this close to dying. Jess comes THIS close to killing Karl with the Kilgrave hallucination cheering her on, but she gets herself in check and stops herself from going through with it. She points at Trish and tells Karl for all his delusions of using his science to make lives better all his work has EVER done is cause death. His work has done nothing but hurt people and ruin lives. Finally Karl realizes she’s right, that he hasn’t given anyone gifts or done anything good. He takes Trish’s gun and points it at some oxygen tanks, telling Jess she should take Trish and get out, as he’s going to end this once and for all. Jess grabs Trish and books it, JUST making it outside when the building goes boom.

Jess gets Trish to emerg and they start working to save her life. Malcolm gets there to see if Trish is okay and Jess blames him for letting Trish con him. She fires him like she always does when she’s mad, but this time Malcolm decides to let it stick by telling her he’s done with her bullshit and he leaves. Jess is alone now, except for Kilgrave, and she tells him she isn’t a killer. She could have killed Malus and she didn’t. She has self-control. She says he can go away now. He says he’ll always be there if she needs him and fades away.

Alisa sees the news report of Karl blowing himself up and Trish being in hospital after the failed procedure. Alisa screams and starts flipping out. When Marilyn goes to checkon her she gets thrown into a wall, and the alarms go off as Alisa breaks out of prison to go after Trish.

End of episode. See you tomorrow for episode 12.

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