Impact Wrestling 3/22/18 – Monsters Ball Returns and the Cases are Revealed

The case holders walk backstage to start the show and we get a recap of Feast or Fired. The weird Alberto and Aries steak vs. banana promo from last week airs and Alberto comes out and cuts a promo about hating to cut promos and being the greatest man that ever lived. He wants a fight and Aries comes down and says that in an industry full of fake people, there’s no one more real than him. Alberto challenges him to a title match at Redemption and demands they play Aries’ music. These two have bizarre, but amusing chemistry. Aries demands that they play Alberto’s music.

Josh brags about being Grand Champion and Allie vs. Sienna is hyped up. Trevor Lee faces Fallah Bahh in a comedy match that Lee wins when Caleb distracts Bahh up top and Trevor hits a super schoolboy to win. OVE stalks Alisha Edwards at her hotel and Eddie is on the way to save her. Petey says he’s up for everything in the case because he’s been fired before from here. Rohit Raju comes out to face Sydal for the X Title. Sydal is out with Josh, who has the Grand Title belt. Raju dominates and gets a big knee in the corner for 2. Sydal avoids a superplex and hits the SSP to win. Moose says he doesn’t care about being fired – it’s worth the risk. Eli comes in and says he’s used to be fired, so he doesn’t care. WHY BOTHER MAKING BEING FIRED A STIP IF NO ONE CARES ABOUT IT!? Eli puts over winning double gold in Impact after being fired from every other company. Boy, don’t put Impact over too much or anything.

Sienna comes out and makes a mean face next to a sign of her in the crowd making a mean face. Allie comes out and hops around a bit. Allie lands a series of corner lariats and hits a sliding D in the corner. Sienna hits a fallaway slam, but Allie goes for a codebreaker and it’s countered into a kick before she finally hits it for 2. Sienna hits a running discus lariat for 2, but a superkick ends it for Allie. That finish came out of nowhere – Allie really needs a regular finisher. Braxton comes out and begs her for forgiveness and repeats what he told to Laurel. Su Yung comes out and beats up Allie and hits the Panic Switch – an airplane spin Cradle Shock. EC3 says his case will give him the World Title.

Eddie Edwards’s saga is shown and we get Foley vs. Abyss from BFG ’09 as the GWN match of the week. Eddie runs to the hotel and we get video of him from a helicopter-esque view above the steps there for some reason. Eddie goes to the hotel and open the door and winds up waking Alisha up before checking everywhere for OVE, who got into the room thanks to a cleaning lady. Eddie doesn’t want to tip her off, so he leaves and bumps into a new “cleaning lady”, who is Sami in drag. They brawl and Alisha comes out to let them know that she called the cops. The Kongo Kong vs. Abyss saga is recapped to set up the Monster’s Ball match.

Kongo Kong has Jacobs, while Abyss comes down with James Mitchell. Kongo hits a big avalanche, but he gets sent outside. Kong goes up top and eats a slam. Abyss gets the bag of tacks and puts them around the ring. Jacobs comes in and almost eats a chokeslam onto the tacks, but Kong saves him and chokeslams Abyss on them for 2. Kong sets up a table and wants to Vader bomb Abyss through it, but Kong powerbombs him through it. Kong puts him on barb wire board and splashes him to win. Case time is up. Eli gets the tag title case. Petey gets the X Title case. Moose gets the World Title case and EC3 is fired. EC3 says he won the title, won whatever the world title series was, and was the Hardcore American Icon and is the best guy anywhere. EC3 beats up Borash until Cage hits a lariat and the Drillclaw to send EC3 packing.

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