DVD Review – Archer (Dreamland)

The way Archer has evolved since it’s inception as a workplace comedy set in the intelligence community. Ever since the series opted to get rid of the counter espionage backstory and make it about these wacky characters getting into even wackier situations it’s taken some daring risks. After becoming drug dealers, and then running a detective agency, now the cast of Archer has been set into a full season dream sequence in Dreamland, the eight season of the show.

Simple premise. Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) has fallen into a coma and in this coma comes a dream sequence. He’s now a detective in the 1940s in a hard-boiled story. His partner is dead and now Archer has to find out who did it. All the while shenanigans from the rest of the crew, now all imagined into the 1940s, come about.

It’s definitely an interesting way of putting off trying to figure out where the show would go in the modern world. Going into the past and reimagining the cast in different roles but with the same characters, is an interesting story telling device because it no longer requires you to have a long-term story-telling plan. Now you just need to find one season worth of story, take your characters and adjust them, and poof!

It’s not a sign of creative bankruptcy, not by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s a sign there’s not much left you can do in the real world with these characters. By going back and telling these one-off style seasons you’re delaying the inevitable that happened once Archer stopped being an international covert agent: the end of the show.

And while this is an interesting and entertaining season of the show, as it certainly holds up that end of the bargain, one has to wonder if this is all that’s left of the show.

Nothing exciting.

20th Century Fox presents Archer (Dreamland)

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