10 Thoughts On … Ring Of Honor March 24, 2018 (Kelly Klein Versus Mandy Leon, Flip Gordon & Lots Of Bully Ray)

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Thought Zero – The Women of Honor tournament continues and Flip Gordon flips into the main event. It’s Ring of Honor, bitches!

  1. We start with The Kingdom coming out to talk about the conspiracy against them. Then Bully Ray comes out, wearing a checkered shirt which looks like referee stripes at first glance. Bully Ray says there is no conspiracy and takes away their title shot at Supercard of Honor. TK O’Ryan then calls him out and asks him why he gets to make decisions around here. Fair question actually. Bully Ray then leaves saying he would fire them if he could. You know, that segment sort of gives credence to a Kingdom conspiracy. Also, I still don’t like Bully Ray as the Enforcer/GM/Commish dude.
  2. Back from break and we get a recap of the Women of Honor tournament so far. We’re starting the quarterfinals now. Here is “The Gatekeeper” Kelly Klein versus “The Exotic Goddess” Mandy Leon. Leon is all business tonight, not the typical smiley sashsaying Leon. Neither woman shakes hands at the open of the match. Not quite sure why they hate each other as they tall everyone this is their first match against each other.
  3. Klein’s power gives her the advantage off the bat, including a fierce looking pin attempt where Klein just leans on Leon’s face with both hands. Mandy finally catches a break when she shoves Klein to the floor and hits a running cannonball to take them into the commercial break. Back from commercial and leon comes off the top with a big dropkick and then hits some stomps in the corner. Leon hit a Kryptonite Krunch onto the knee, as called by Colt Cabana, but only gets a two count.
  4. Klein regains control with a huge fallaway slam off the top rope, tossing Mandy Leon 3/4 of the way across the ring. Neither Ian Riccaboni nor Colt Cabana have mentioned Kelly Klein being trained by BJ Whitmer yet. I wonder if they have dropped that focus point for her backstory since Whitmer isn’t on TV much anymore. Leon hits a nice Astral Projection for two, and then does some sort of seated neckbreaker submission hold on Klein. Klein taps out, but on the opposite leg of the referee, so he doesn’t see it. Leon breaks the hold thinking that she’s won. Klein then locks in a front facelock choke, and Leon passes out, allowing Klein to move on to the semifinal round. Pretty good booking there, making both wrestlers look strong and formidable going forward.
  5. Back from break and The Boys are taking on Adam Page and Marty Scurll. Page comes out to the Bullet Club theme but Scurll comes out to his own entrance. Not sure if that is due to potential dissension in the Bullet Club or because his entrance is just super awesome. No plague mask today, but he is wearing a suit and an eyepatch. Page is wondering what is going on, since he doesn’t seem ready to wrestle. Want a good laugh? Cabana and Riccaboni both laughed that The Boys are a COMBINED 300 pounds.
  6. Scurll looks like he is going to wrestle in his suit. He did take off his jacket and watch, talked some trash to the Boys and he then tagged out immediately to Adam Page. The crowd and Page got a good laugh from that. Obviously Page does great against The Boys, despite them getting some ineffective offense in. Page hits a turnbuckle powerbomb on one of the Boys which almost breaks him in half. Ow, that was sick. Page offers to tag in Scurll, who does tag in and then right back out.
  7. As Scurll and Page discuss the logic behind Scurll trying not to reinjure his eye before his title shot at Supercard of Honor (plus, Scurll letting Page know he can destroy The Boys alone), The Boys pull some Twin Mgic switcheroo moves behind their backs. A small package gets two, and The Boys get a little bit of an advantage. As Scurll goes over to jaw at Dalton Castle, Adam Page hits a Buckshot Lariat to pin a twitching boy. Post-match, Scurll swipes the title belt just to show he can, then sets it down gently for Castle to let him know he won’t have it much longer. Oh, and Scurll is now blonde as well.
  8. We go backstage where Kenny King and Silas Young are fighting again. Silas Young is sporting a later year Randy Savage beard now. Not sure I am digging that or not. The brawl spills out into the arena where Young and King take out a bunch of security guards. Bully Ray is now out and Silas demands he gives him his rematch. King takes Bully’s microphone and demands a Last Man Standing match at Supercard of Honor, even though it is apparently Young’s signature match. Um, he’s won one of those that I can recall… not sure that makes it a signature match.
  9. The Briscoes cut a promo about Supercard of Honor where they will defend their ROH tag team titles against Jay Lethal and Hiroshi Tanahashi. Jay Briscoe, looking crazier than ever, makes a solid point about Lethal and Tanahashi being two of the best singles wrestlers in the world, but the Briscoes are the best tag team in the world. You know what? That is good logic there and something that is missing in most professional wrestling, especially in the tag team realms.
  10. The main event has Flip Gordon taking on Scorpio Sky. I get that they are pushing Gordon, so having him in a TV main event is understandable. But the other guy is Scorpio Sky. Even if you want to push Sky, he isn’t main event level yet. Honestly, Kelly Klein versus Mandy Leon should probably have main evented this show. Hey, Flip has abeard now, making him slightly older than the 14 years old baby face he is normally sporting. Sky offers a handshake at the beginning, but Gordon doesn’t trust him. Early on, Gordon does his walking-on-his-hands bit, and Sky tries to kick out his arm, but Gordon stays standing on one arm as he pulls it out of the way. Impressive, but it is a stunt and a show. If he could somehow turn that into a an offensive move, that would be cool. Gordon wins with a roll up, but the rest of SoCal Uncensored attacks. The Young Bucks save Gordon and Matt Jackson offers his hand in friendship. Gordon accepts and everyone hugs. Bully Ray comes out again (man they are getting their money’s worth out of him tonight) and he congratulates Flip Gordon for accepting his ribbing from The Young Bucks for the past couple months with good humor. Um, some might call it bullying and perpetuating that culture, but let’s move on. Bully Ray then makes a Supercard of Honor six-man tag match between SCU and the Young Bucks and Flip Gordon in a ladder match. But is it for the 6-man titles? Who knows, he didn’t say. What the heck kind of enforcer is he anyway, making matches but not announcing if they are title opportunities?

And we’re out. The Women of Honor quarterfinals continue next week and there is going to be a bunch of gold in the ring when the tag champs the Briscoes take on the World champ Dalton Castle and the TV champ Kenny King.

Until next week, check out my thoughts on the NJPW Strong Style Evolved event and be on the lookout for a new Fantasy Book on Wrestlemania possibilities a little later this week. Toodles.


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