DC Comics Universe & Doomsday Clock #4 Spoilers & Review: Rorschach’s Escape From Arkham Asylum? Plus Batman & Legion Of Super-Heroes In The Watchmen Vs. Justice League Epic!

DC Comics Universe and Doomsday Clock #4 Spoilers and Review follows.

Rorschach’s Escape From Arkham Asylum? Plus Batman and Legion Of Super-Heroes In The Watchmen Vs. Justice League Epic!

As these panels show, Doomsday Clock #4 will pivot between (1) the past of Reggie Long, the new Rorschach, when he was institutionalized as a boy (along with Byron Lewis the Mothman of the Minutemen the precursor to the Watchmen) and (2) the adult Reggie Long being institutionalized in Arkham Asylum at the hands of Batman.

Reggie is searching of Doctor Manhattan in Arkham Asylym a place where Saturn Girl of the Legion of Superheroes (LOSH) aka Jane Doe has been trapped since DC Universe Rebirth #1.

We get some flashbacks to the Minutemen days as Byron Lewis consuls young Reggie…

…in modern day Reggie pulls out the journal of the original Rorschach Walter Kovacs. He has that journal because Doomsday Clock #4 also reveals who his parents are (full spoilers here) and it ties back to the original Watchmen series.

We then learn how Reggie escaped his institution as a boy with the help of Mothman.

He didn’t escape with him, but bequeathed him Rorschach mask and identity and pointed him in the direction of…

…a dying Ozymandias.

Seemingly Ozymandias wants to do good.

In present day, Rorschach escaped Arkham Asylum with the help of Saturn Girl…

…and possibly Batman, disguised as a psychiatrist…

…as Doctor Manhattan watches possibly…

…disguised as the blue hued Mr. Freeze?


Another heady and complex tale by writer Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank. Entertaining, dark and a roller coaster. 8 out 10.

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