Impact Wrestling 3/29/18 Recap – Aries Battles Sydal In A Title For Title Match

Aries meets with Josh and Sydal backstage and Aries mocks Josh for just having a belt while Matt has the X Title and he’s proud of that. Sydal mocks Option C saying that he likes the title so much that he couldn’t give it up, while Aries defends it and says that he did it to make chances for folks and he’ll give Sydal a chance tonight without having to give up the X title – but if he beats Sydal, Josh will have to give up the Grand Title. Sydal accepts it much to Josh’s chagrin. Petey, Raju, Suicide, and Ishimori go at it in a 4 way. Petey hits a cool legdrop on the apron to Suicide hefore a golden triangle moonsault from Ishimori takes out the pile. Ishimori hits the pump stomp off the top for 2. Petey “hits” Suicide with the Destroyer, and they go for the worst possible angle showing that Petey’s ass hit the mat and that’s it.

Eli says that he’s got case 1 and he was sure it would be the World Title case, but it wasn’t – he’ll take the tag title shot though. He doesn’t want a tag partner and this is a one man show and he’s got an idea. Su Yung comes out with Braxton Sutter and a pretty epic theme. She faces Amber Nova and lands a kneeling knee and wins with the Panic Switch. Johnny Impact chats with Jimmy Jacobs, who calls him Johnny Gorgeous and says that his bubble will get popped by Kongo Kong. Taya mocks Rosemary, who jumps her backstage. They brawl for a bit before Amber Nova gets attacked and Dick Justice gets involved so Rosemary can dive onto a pile of people. KM beats Fallah Bah in a clipped version of a match in a very dark tiny building.

A Cage highlight video airs before he faces Lashley. Cage sends Lashley outside and hits a big flip dive. They hit each other with big lariats mid-ring before Cage sends him down with a superkick. Cage goes up top and gets tossed off before a sideslam gets 2. Cage hits a leg lariat and a spinebuster with a jackknife for 2. Lashley lands the powerslam for 2, and Cage avoids a head and arm choke before landing a slam and a moonsault. Lashley hits the flipping spear, but Cage goes outside, so the spear only gets 2. Cage hits the discus lariat and wins it. Allie goes to Gail for a pep talk and gets one. Clips of an Ultimate X with AJ and Sabin air for the GWN clip.

Eli goes to Moose about trading his tag title shot for Moose’s so Moose can get two belts. Moose says no and leaves. Eddie goes to a shot looking for Sami and beats up a ton of other guys. Sami jumps him after the Crists beat up Eddie and they hit him with a bat to the throat before laying him out with a double stomp tombstone combo. Sydal and Josh come down with their belts before Aries has his collection with him. Aries almsot gets the Last Chancery, but Sydal avoids it. Aries lands a basement dropkick and gets 2 before Aries locks on a stump puller. Sydal goes for the standing SSP, but Aries gets his knees up. Aries gets the double sledge off the top to the floor before Josh gets involved. Sydal goes to attack Aries, but Aries still gets the better of him. Sydal gets a giant knee, but still eats the discus forearm for 2. Petey comes out to counteract Josh while Sydal hits the no-hands rana. Aries avoids the SSP and lands the discus forearm, corner dropkick, and the brainbuster ends it to give Aries the Grand Title. Alberto is shown eating a steak somewhere.

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