DC Comics Universe & August 2018 Solicitations Spoilers: Dark Gods Imprint Unveiled With Wonder Woman, Darkseid, Hercules Unbound & More!

DC Comics Universe and August 2018 Solicitations Spoilers follows.

New Dark Gods Imprint Announced With Wonder Woman, Hercules Unbound, Darkseid and More!

Current Wonder Woman writer and upcoming Wonder Man: Godhead (spoilers here) writer James Robinson will also curate a new imprint for DC Comics called Dark Gods teased in Dark Nights Metal #6 (full spoilers here).

In addition to his two titles joining the imprint, they will be accompanied by a Darkseid ongoing series and a new Hercules Unbound series. Creators for these titles have not yet been announced.

The creative teams will be announced at Fan Expo Dallas at the DC Dark Gods moderated panel on Saturday April 7, 2018.

Hercules Unbound’s inclusion is curious as he appeared to die in Wonder Woman #31 at the hands of Grail Darkseid’s daughter. Could Darkseid’s younger look after Justice League No Justice be attributed to Hercules Unbound somehow siphoning his godhood back from Darkseid in the pages of an upcoming issue of Wonder Woman?

It is interesting that in 2018 Darkseid will be part of two ongoing series; the team book Justice League Odyssey (spoilers here) under the New Justice imprint (spoilers here) and now his own series under the Dark Gods imprint.


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