DC Comics Universe & Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps #41 Spoilers: (1) Superman Enemies The House Of Zod & (2) The Darkstars!

DC Comics Universe and Hal Jordan &and The Green Lantern Corps #41 Spoilers follow.

(1) Superman Enemies The House Of Zod and (2) The Darkstars!

The book opens with Hal Jordan toe-to-toe with Kryptonian General Zod. Hal was his prisoner after attacking the House of Zod for taking of a planet whose citizens now worship him and his family. The planet’s people don’t see themselves as slaves.

The Guardians of the Galaxy arrive and look for a ceasefire.

General Zod feigns innocence, being attached first and the planet’s people’s reverence.

John Stewart and Guy Gardner agree as it will allow them to tend to an injured Kyle Rayner. The battle is over and they get back the Green Lantern ring the Eradicator stole or “borrowed”.

Back at Green Lantern HQ, Hal is wondering why John backed the Guardians.

Zod still believes what he does is for the glory of Kryton and the House of Zod.

Turns out they deliberately stole the Green Lantern ring to download its intel. Now they have all the info on all the planets of the universe including population information and other information and meta data. For what purpose though? Seems like DC is building to something considering Zod has been in the Superman books, Suicide Squad and now the Green Lantern Corps title over recent months.

Up next? The Darkstars!

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